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Nine Circles

Tribute to Inferno from the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

Nine Cirlces
Nine Sins
Nine Hells
Nine Guardians
Nine Rejections
Nine Punishments
Nine Condemnations
Nine Sufferings
…… Nine Deaths

Grief and repentance
Charon, lost corrupted soul
Philosphers argue, never rest
Castle and fields, last of the best
Creatures scream, pushing against bars
Be thankful you fate lies here
Judge on high, sepentine king
Minos…. damned soul, tails of nine

Implusive wrenches
Always hungry malefactors
Winds always howling, never to stop
Blowing around, can’t see the top
Helen, and Achilles, Semiramis too
Don’t every hope for repreive
Guided by poet, and adulter alike
Francesca… hopeful but lost to the last

Disgusting creatins
Bloated and foul winded
Always thirsty for something to eat
Never to look at those that they meet
Ciacco, pig and hog alike
Slush that grips them in cold fingers
Three heads or more… warning from below
Cerebus… jaws open wide

Stuck in mortality
Reaching hands open
Throwing fists closed up tight
Souls that still reach strong with might
Gold and silver palm and fist
Never to reach their goal
Placing coins within reach and then not
Plutus… god of Avarice

Interal and weak
Relinquish of control
River strong and Styx of Hate
Slothful and cold, path never straight
Angels from high mountains to pits of hell
Never to be loved or happy again
City walls strong and powerful
Phlegyas… King no more

Liers and Epicurians
Souless and worthless by standards
Stink and Myre of burning stone
Burning too, more flesh then bone
Uberti, Cavalcanti and politics of more
Never to e’er escape the dark
Bringing last of all true sonnets
Guido… friend of all here true

Dark and dangerous of all
For self, or others of God’s pain
Boiling souls or impailment on twig
Sand to burn and in minds to dig
Alexander eyeless and heartless more
Arrow or claws to hold back
Enemy of none but not excempt
Latini… Teacher of truth

Liars of deceit and seducers and Flatterers
Paid religions and false prophets, backwards and accursed
Corruption and Hypocrites, theives are words of fakes
Evil councillers of whatever it takes
Bertran of discord Sinon of the false
Malebolge and Bolgia ten of the wars
Words make up cliffs unclimbable
Geyron… wings of truth

Giants and Dwarfs and alike here
Tratorous souls, Nimrod and Atropos
Cocytus frozen lands of icy waste
Mouths of a demon and three to taste
Cain and Antenor plus Ptolemy and Judas all
Wind to freeze not free
Face of three to never cease
Lucifer… The Fallen One

From Nine to Seven…

Currently unavailable for purchase

‘Seven Terraces’ tribute to Purgatorio

Featured in Core [C.O.R.E] on the 20/5/2010

This is my little tribute to the AMAZING piece that is The Divine Comedy’s Inferno.
Not sure if I will do Purgatorio or Parasidio. Still getting my head around Inferno. :D
If you can i encourage you to get your hands on the Italian version as the many different English translations, there is only one that is really accurate. For English versions I would reccomend Longfellows translasion as that seems to be more accuarte then some other versions.

I made VERY sure to carefully word each stanza and there is not a single accidental word in there. i may make minor improvements later on but I will not completely reword it. I also included only a couple specifi referances to other versions of it, including the game as it also deserves its merit.
If you can find them. good for you. :D

If you DON’T know of the poem, hopefully this will get you interested enough to go read it….

GRRRR! Typed it all up and went to save it only to lose the last two stanza’s due to my evil computer and its issues. Not to happy. And these are not as good as my original ones. Oh well.

My first actual NON school project to be placed on the site.
I read this poem about a year and a half ago, although I didn’t really understand it at the time and dismissed it. But after hearing my friend (who does Italian) mention it I decided I would go back a revisit it. Ironically this was about the same time that the game was released.


  • Hugh Fathers
    Hugh Fathersabout 5 years ago

    Good stuff!! . . .
    An interesting trip . . .

  • Thank you. Are you familiar with the poem?

    – Aryanna Aetha

  • Misunderstood24
    Misunderstood24about 5 years ago

    Wonderful work.
    I love it.
    Fully had me captivated.
    Instant favorite.

  • Thank you very much.
    Glad that you liked it

    – Aryanna Aetha

  • TheWanderingBoo
    TheWanderingBooabout 5 years ago

    great writing!

  • Thank you very much. Appreciated.

    – Aryanna Aetha

  • Katya Lavorovna
    Katya Lavorovnaalmost 5 years ago

    I appreciate your visit and kind comment on my work. I’m so glad it led me to check out yours.
    I really really don’t think I’m qualified to comment on this piece as it reflects a very sophisticated mastery and knowledge of subject that far exceeds mine at this time (and I’m no dummy). Suffice it to say I find this piece fascinating and mesmerizing. It is a living golden serpent coiled about a fig tree, calling to me. I thought I was familiar with Alighieri, but I can see I’ve only scratched the surface … and I have reading to do. For that I thank you.


  • No problem. i am glad to see another on this site that has also explored Alighieri’s work.
    Any anyone is welcome to comment on anything in my work. I find that I did not set out to write this piece as advanced as it turned out to be a reading it now I understand what you mean. A snake it is and as such it has a different meaning to everyone.
    While writing this I had an open copy of the poem as you might expect in another windowj but I rarely used it relying mainly on my own interpretation and memory and the things that stood out and made it memorable to me. No one can really be a master of a piece of work besides the author, and although I concider this no mastery I do hope I it is decent enough to cast a new bright light on those who may not have understood the text before hand.
    Thank you for your comments friend.

    – Aryanna Aetha

  • Anna Shaw
    Anna Shawalmost 5 years ago

    Just brilliant and mesmerizing writing.

  • Thank you very much. I am glad that you found it so

    – Aryanna Aetha

  • Ushna Sardar
    Ushna Sardaralmost 5 years ago

    good one!

  • Thank you so much for this. It completely surprised and amazed me. Thank you.

    – Aryanna Aetha

  • hsien-ku
    hsien-kualmost 5 years ago

    From Nine to Seven…
    oh my, this is really a masterful piece of writing. I can almost smell the sulphur! A very astute and elegant response to the inferno.

  • Thank you, so much.

    – Aryanna Aetha

  • IzzyGumbo
    IzzyGumboover 4 years ago

    awesome writing… a great pleasure to find you this morning. :)

  • Thank you. Have you read the Divine Comedy by any chance?

    – Aryanna Aetha

  • HamperRefuser
    HamperRefuserover 4 years ago

    That was fantastic to read, pleased I found it and even more pleased that you wrote it!

  • Thank you. Glad you found it enjoyable

    – Aryanna Aetha

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