Nevada: Photos wanted

Dear fellow Nevada group RBubblers,

I wanted to make you aware that the Ely Times (further ET) is seeking photos to update its Visitors Guide. Please check it by clicking here or visit (side bar).

My opinion is below, but you may think the other way and perhaps wish to contribute your images. Then I wish you good luck.

Personally I‘d like to make a try despite ET’ absolute ignorance I have experienced some 5 years ago. Of course, ET like every other legal entity or private person has the right to ignore whatever they want except the laws they fall under and have to follow. I just mentioned that to state it clear that ET didn’t deserve to have neither my loyalty nor unreasonable level of trust. So I keep a strict position, however not vengeance. Judge yourselves. Now it’s time to come back to the request and focus on it.

I think literary Ely Times has performed not at its best. I mean their approach was not professional and unfair; made in the manner of irresponsibility and disregard. I think the following things have to be clarified at least:

  • Definition of the area. For example, only images of WPC, images made within 10 miles from Ely (or whatever) do qualify for entry.
  • Quality of ET’ Visitors Guide. As far as I remember they printed it on the newspaper quality paper some 5 years ago. What is about their design for today?
  • Image size requirement. The size may be easily reduced, of course, but why a photographer should email them images of 30“ x 40“ or so if their design is made for the biggest size lets say of 10“ x 15“? Or, if so, what will they do with the images of 4” x 6” one may email them? I accept that as irresponsible and pointless waste of photographers’ time and effort. 300 dpi for printing is a standard, but it‘s not a problem to mention that, I think. However, that is not fair overall. The fair way is under the next item below.
  • ET should ask for images of lets say 5“ x 7“ (72 dpi). Then (after the deadline) decision on the selection to be printed in their Visitors Guide has to be made. The next step is ET should contact authors of images selected by them and ask to submit the required size of pictures that have been recognized a “winner”. They should also sign an agreement (or officially/publicly announce) that specified pictures will be used exclusively for ET Visitors Guide 2012 and that original copies of images they‘ve gotten from the author they oblige to erase after the Visitors Guide 2012 is issued. That‘s fair! Otherwise, it’s nothing else but ignorance of the copyright law or making muddy waters at least. Under the current situation, I don’t wish to have any business with such an entity.
  • It would be also reasonable to read profiles of the people who will judge and make the selection of emailed images.
  • What is the priority of criteria will be focused on when making selection? Technical quality, artistry, documentary, variety of locations, colorific issues… Or do they just looking for snapshots from casual amateurs with a big ego to see their name under their images and who don’t care about the copyright law, self respect and the related things? If that‘s what ET is looking for, then they are doing it right. But then they should state it clear they are looking for a snapshots of queer quality. If that’s a case such a media is out of my interest as its Visitors Guide is. I may be wrong, but I have the reason to have a doubt. Currently all I may think of ET is they are unfair and irresponsible unless they will change their position. ET still has a chance to do it right.
  • Finally, English is not my native language and I make numerous grammar and endless syntax mistakes. That is why I cannot be employed in positions that require excellent English skills. But this is ET. And that was a very short request. I have no doubt there‘s just a mistyping. Moreover, everybody makes mistakes. But ET’ employees have to use a special computer programs that prevent from grammar mistakes and mistyping. Right? If they don‘t, that‘s irresponsibility. I point to the “● Receation/Hunting“ in their ad.

Kind regards,


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