O.K. yesterday I had a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH
For the last year or so I’v been trying out a new technique Clay lithography
AKA photo transfer onto clay and its been a BIG BUST and source of major frustration every time UNTIL!!!!!!!!
The basic materials are Mason Stains dark. also linseed oil, and gum arabic also you need a black and white XEROX!!! copy of the picture you want to use, a rubber brayer and a glass sheet to do the ink run. so the snow and ice are packed up the sidewalks are slippy and it’s cold as I went into the hardware store to get the big boy kind in a huge container I fell on my ASS hard but it may have been a GOOD OMEN maybe that will work I thought as I scraped the dirty salty snow off me.
I got my first container of linseed oil WINSOR AND NEWTON at the the Art store, It’s STINKY by the way as I never have had to use it as I don’t paint.
so I got to the studio mixed the right ratio of stain and oil as I had been doing all the time and let it rest over night.
Low and behold I went to find a copier that I thought would work, hard to do the Iron oxide in the copy toner has to have a high ratio of iron oxide in it and lazer printers don’t so its an old fashioned thing.
anywhoo long story I went through the steps as I have been doing for the past year
and it happened, I peeled back the paper and VOILA!!!!!!!
there she was… I made a transfer of my Great Grandmother Lillian Freiman,
Guess what,
SHE’S ALIVE, NOT LITERALLY I haven’t blown a gasket don’t worry, I also did a transfer of this picture I drew with my PENTEL PEN now that’s a sexy pen.
Anyway I’m just OVER THE MOON and needed to share the JOY!!!!!!!
Thanks for the rant.

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