A Feature! Crime DOES Pay, Apparently

I allowed Ted to get his hand in the candy before a.) taking his picture, & b.) slapping his paw. And here he is with a Feature, the naughty boy…. Sugar Surfeit has been featured by the For Love of Teddy Bears and All Toys group, just in time for (well, with a few weeks to spare) Hallowe’en. We thank you, we do.

Fall Fare Featured

Tom Tower’s farm market is a place to be at any time during the growing season (his roadside sign comes out in the late spring & says ‘Here We Grow Again!’), but at this time of year, the colors, textures & general ambience of autumn are particularly attractive. So I’m most pleased to announce that Harvest Home At Tower’s Market ~ Youngstown, NY has been featured by the Your Country’s Best group. ‘Best’ just about covers it!
Thanks, Sheila

A Sale! Dad Hits Another Hole-In-One!!

I am pleased (as punch) to report that Dad has done it again. A little over a month ago, some kind soul bought a T-shirt with FORE! A Tribute To The Open 2015 emblazoned on its front, & would you believe it? I’ve just sold another! Here’s the scenario as I envision it: excellent person of impeccable taste buys ‘FORE!’ t-shirt. It arrives & is immediately seen to be a quality Red Bubble item. Person’s friend, spouse, parent, significant other, dog, parakeet sees the shirt & cries “I want one!!” End of story. But I could be all wet. In any event, the deed has been done, & I am MOST appreciative!
Thanks, Sheila