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A Bit Of Post-Christmas Cheer

Happy Boxing Day, everyone. To put things in perspective, I’m posting an old poem, written in, I’d guess, the late 19th century by someone with the unlikely name of ‘M. E. Ssaffold’. This pithy work appears in a beat-up but still functioning book of Christmas tidbits that was published by the M. A. Donohue Company of Chicago. It has no date, but it is a good example of cheap late-Victorian publications. It is titled simply The Night Before Christmas, & the first offering is that venerable rhyme, originally named ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’, unattributed. It is said to have been written by Clement Moore, but the controversy rages. Anyway, the title page also informs the reader that the volume is ‘Profusely Illustrated’, which indeed it is, for good or ill.…

So here you have ‘The Night

A Feature To Come Home To

Just returned from our Thanksgiving Gluttony Parade in New England to find that the ol’ Ulverston Mill has made it to the features list in the All Things Pubs group. As we were about a third of the way there whilst in Massachusetts, we should have just kept going. Could be bending an elbow or two there even as I type, but it’s not to be. And for now, I think I’ll go back to bed.
Thanks, groupies!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Am taking a few days off in order to overindulge & otherwise disgrace myself. For those of you celebrating, take a page from my book ~ overindulge & otherwise disgrace yourselves. And have a happy, warm & fuzzy time. For the rest of you, find some reason to overindulge & disgrace yourselves, & you’ll be the better for it.
See you soon, Sheila

Top Ten AND A Feature!

Pleased as rum punch to say that The Kings Arms, Stow-On-The-Wold, Gloucestershire has garnered a Top Tenner in the All Things Pub ‘Hanging Out With Royalty’ challenge! And the feature that goes along with it. Many thanks to all & sundry.

That’s our good friend & jazz connoisseur Eddie Sammons heading over to have a look at some fancy goods & some real estate, it seems. Within moments he will veer pub-ward.


Three (Count 'Em) Top Tens!

In the past few days I’ve been honored by my peers with Three Top Tens! First up, Firehouse Bling ~ The Complete Picture made its way into Cee’s Fun Vintage Transportation Group’s ‘Vintage Transportation Prior to the 1930s’ challenge.
Followed closely by In The Wilds Of West Virginia, a perennial favorite, I’m happy to say, which finished near the top in ImageWriting’s ’Can’t Find My Way Home’ challenge.
And last but not least, Return Of Hamburg Blackie showed up in the Squirrels, Chipmunks & Relatives group’s ‘Critters in Autumn’ contest.
Many thanks to all who voted!! And congratulations to all the winners!!


Miss Tig Strikes Again ~ Another Sale!

Thanks AGAIN to person or persons unknown who have once again honored Miss Tiggywinkle by purchasing her Herdwick Portrait. This is the third time she has found herself in the Sales column in the past three months or so. A greeting card, two postcards (sold together), & a matted print. Am pleased & no mistake!


Ray's Knees Featured!

That would be Ray’s Over-50 knees, as seen in Scots Wha? Ray??. Patellae & other bits have been honored by the 50+ Group ~ Images of People 50 Years of Age or Older. And yes, Ray qualifies; has done for many, many, many years, but you’d never know it from looking at his sporran…. Thank you, group!


Thanks, Country Bumpkin Group!

Just popped in for a quick look around & discovered that the ever-popular In The Wilds Of West Virginia has shown up among the features of those delightful Country Bumpkins. Pleased & proud I am. This pic is my second most popular.

Still busy with Outside Events (not to be confused with Out-of-Door Events, though there are some of those in the mix), but I’ll be back on track eventually.

Thanks, Sheila

Oh, Canada ~ A Feature For Elmer!

I see that the great Days Gone By group has seen fit to honour oor Elmer & his fish, my Canada Day offering, with a Fishy Feature. Thanks, gang!

I’m off on numerous adventures this week, so if I appear to disappear, it’s not your collective fault. Will be popping in now & then.


Miss Tig Trots Herself Into Another SALE!!

Hard on the ungulate heels of a sale of two cards of the inimitable trotter, Miss Tiggywinkle, I am pleased to announce that the same or other Anonymous Person Of Taste has purchased a matted print of the sweet, sheepish lady. Thank you so very much, if you see this, for caring for my Herdwick Portrait, enough to invest in her. We are deeply grateful! No baaaa about it, ever.


My Cup Dribbleth Over!

Another sale, I say. Another anonymous sale, I should say. But I’ll take ’em however I can get ’em.

So, many thanks to that wonderful person who bought two postcards of my Herdwick Portrait. She is a wonderful lady, & she deserves her fame.


A Sale, I Say!

Some remarkably discerning & brilliant person has dug deep & bought a medium-sized laminated print of my Somewhere Along Ullswater ~ Lake District offering. So far no one has fessed up, so I don’t know who to thank… it could even be someone from Outer Space (non-Bubbler); stranger things have happened.
But I thank that person from the bottom of my very heart!!


A Feisty Feature

I’m happy to say that our little whirlwind, Hedgy the Black squirrel, as seen in The Return Of The Native, has been featured by the Playful Photogenic or Color-Painted Animals group. Many thanks!

Will be out of sight for a few days; back next week.


Deer~Goose: Happy Ending!!

Hi all ~
I’ll be absent for the next few days, but before I disappear (may actually be blown into the next county today, but it’s just High Wind Warnings & not tornadoes…), here’s the latest on the Odd Couple’s saga.…

The goslings hatched & have obviously been under Mother Goose for a few days, but yesterday they wobbled & staggered & flopped out of the nest. More video, with some hilarious stills embedded in it, plus footage of the deer actively deterring some crows, can be seen here: Goose & GOSLINGS & Deer. This should take you directly to the current video, but if not, scroll down the page you get till you find the Goslings Leave Nest or some such section.

Forest Lawn is a haven for a lot of wildlife, & the geese were headed for lovely little Mirror Lake. A great destination for wate

Deer & Goose Saga Continues

With a little luck, one & all should be able to access the live webcam video of the Odd Couple in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo. This camera was just set up this morning, & it will run all the time, even at night with infrared. I was just watching, & for several minutes, the deer was motionless, staring straight at the camera, lying on the ground, hardly twitching, though bits of stuff blew around it, & branches could be seen swaying in the distance. Such a tableau. The goose is barely visible, in the big urn to the left of the Knox monument.
Who knows where it will all lead.

Deer & Goose

More as it unfolds ~ Sheila

For All You Nature Lovers Out There

We have a local phenomenon making headlines & going viral hereabouts, to wit, an unlikely relationship that has developed in Buffalo, NY’s, enormous, park-like Forest Lawn cemetery. A Canada goose who lost her mate has been ‘befriended’ by a White-tailed deer, & while the goose incubates eggs in a large horticultural urn, this deer stands guard, or lies down & stands guard, or generally makes her presence felt. The cemetery is now enlisting volunteers to supervise spectators, & they have put snowfence up at a fairly good remove in order to protect this Odd Couple.
Video, stills, & a short article on the subject can he seen here.
By the way, all of these people are buried in Forest Lawn.

~ Sheila

A Sale! A Sale!! Asaleasaleasale!!!

An unassailable wind-in-my-sails sale. Need I say more? Oh, yes… THANKS to Jamie the Ranger, his wonderfully persuasive wife Caroline, & of course, to Tarn, who figured prominently in the creation of Tarn In Her Tarnerarium. They are rapidly becoming proud (definitely) owners of a laminated print of this. I am chuffed, my sails are puffed, & I can retire on the profits.

Yay! Sheila

Feature Heaven!

Awoke to three features this morning! The bliss of it all. Two have been honored simultaneously in the New England Coastal Life group, Atlantic Sunrise, & Atlantic Sunrise 2.

And those intrepids the photographers, & much younger dog, have shown up as the masterpieces they are in Cunsey Beck, Cumbria ~ Photographers Doing Something, featured by the 50+ Group. Tarn isn’t 50 even in Dog Years, but she always steals the show.

Thank you to all & sundry!


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