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Featured In 'Country Bumpkin'!

Have been on the Good Bubble only sporadically during these busy holidays, so I was especially pleased, when I took stock of What’s Going On this morning, to find that my Highlanders! The White Rock Herd had ambled into the features posted by the Country Bumpkin group. If these shaggy bovines bump into you, you know you’ve been bumpkined. Many thanks!

Niagara Is Featured!

I would say ‘currently featured’, but that’s one of those bad puns, & we’ll dispense with it for now. In any event, many thanks to The Photographer In Action group for featuring the intrepid Ray besting the roaring Upper Rapids in Picturing The Mighty Niagara. I see that I am in what some (including myself) might call Good Company. Cheers to all, congrats to all. ~ Sheila

Features Again

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime… I’m afraid I’ve been falling down on the job as far as Feature Reportage is concerned, & I’m ashamed (mildly) to say that I’ve failed to mention a couple back there & have now lost track. Forgive me all & sundry.
But here are three recent entries in the Features Gymkhana…. first, the Dynamic Duo (Jason & Gary) & The Shadow teamed up, & the resulting The Mill(ing) On The River Leven was featured in The Photographer in Action group a few days ago.
And then, the New England Coastal Life group featured Thacher Island And The Bulrushes.
Last but not least, for the moment, the Harbour Life group featured Motif # 1 ~ A Rockport Christmas.
Thanks to all!!

Thankful To Be Back...Sort Of ~ AND, A Challenge Win!

Hello all ~
Have just returned from our big family bustup in New England – four days with friends who run the Tuck Inn in Rockport, Massachusetts, with a side-trip (two hours each way) to Bristol, Rhode Island for turkey & 1001 other delights of the gustatory variety. Combine that with utter chaos & any number of laughs (none of which led to choking), & you have a picture of the Photographers At Work. Great time, good weather, 20 hours of driving altogether….
As a result, I am attempting to play catch-up, but as usual, it will never happen, though tomorrow I’ll start poking my way through all your additions & such, & I’ll add a few things.
In the meantime, be it known that while I was in the Land of Fish (Atlantic Coast), eating turkey, but also lobster & scallops & the like, my ‘non-fish’…

To Whomsoever It May Concern ~ Bye For The Nonce...

After a bit of an Artwhiz revival on the Bubble (following my off-again, on-again hiatus of a while ago), I’m off-again. Will be dropping out of sight for a few weeks, though I may find myself yearning for RB & all who sail in her, & that would mean a visit now & then. I’ll never catch up upon my next revival, but I’ll at least be visible &, needless to say, appreciative of all the efforts of all my friends. Bye for now, Sheila

Ms. Chips Goes The Distance

Thanks go out to the ’’’’YOU BIG SOFTY’’’’ group for featuring my obstreperous chipmunk, appearing nightly in the cast-of-thousands revival of Hello, Ms. Chips . Actually, nightly she’s fast asleep, I suspect, but there are matinee tickets to be had. Daily.
Cheers, all, Sheila

Features Three, A Challenge Win, & A Top Ten

Give me a minute & I’ll get them all organized. It’s too HOT (have we heard this before?) to think, but I’m chuffed all the same.
Featured are Buffalo Harbor Monumental, Lake Erie in the Great Lakes of North America group.
And, Park Cottage ~ Near Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria in the Cumbria…..Outside the Park (3 in 24hrs) group.
And, Sagging Cob ~ Atlanta, Michigan in the Yer Pullin’ My Leg! group.

Then there’s the challenge win ~ Ulverston Millwheel won the Industries of Cumbria Challenge in the Cumbria…..Outside the Park (3 in 24hrs) group.

Last but not least, my Edinburgh ~ Saor Patrol Plays finished in the top ten of the Anything Edinburgh group’s The Edinburgh Festival Challenge.

Now I am exhausted & must go for a lie-down. Thanks to one & all.
~ Sheila

A Nice, Refreshing Feature

Took a breather (from my current breather) on RedBubble, only to find that my Bonnie Banks, Bonnie Braes… had been featured by the Scotland’s Lochs – ONE IMAGE A DAY group. I posted this pic partly because breathing is difficult in our hot & humid conditions these days, & this view afforded some relief. Ah, to be there now…. Thanks to Scotland’s Lochs – in every way.
~ Sheila

A Northern Ontario feature!

Just took a break from my break long enough to discover that my Barn Near Golden Valley, Ontario, Canada has been featured by the Northern Ontario group! Thanks, Group!

Am off again (what else is new? ~ wish I were off to Northern Ontario, but it’s a Long Weekend over there), & will try to start playing catch-up on Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, a great general Thanks to all who have commented & otherwise made my day.


Feature, Top Ten(s), & An On-Again-Off-Again Short Break

Thanks to the Days Gone By group for featuring the lovely & talented Aunt Luella & friend in Celtic Princess ~ My Beautiful Aunt Luella .…

Top Tens included a runner-up spot for A Rose By Any Other Name in the ’It’s All In The Detail’ challenge of the All That’s Archaeology group, & a near-the-top placement for my Borders Green in the A Little Bit Country! group’s ‘Best photo of green fields in the Country’ challenge. Thanks & more thanks to all!

Have been a bit behind & somewhat distracted of late, but have tried to keep my hand in nonetheless. At least enough to smack some people with positive thoughts. Days immediately upcoming will be taken up by visiting relatives & other unmentionables, but I’ll be sticking my nose into the Bubble from time to time. If I don’t have much to say, c


Before I pass out from the heat, I wish to thank the Majestic Massachusetts group for featuring ‘Inn On The Horse Farm ~ A Parallel Universe’, seen here wherein the house topples into the pond in an effort to cool off.

Also, thanks to the Remember When group for featuring Dad in ‘A Tribute To Dad ~ Father’s Day 2010’, seen here .

Now I can pass out in peace…. ~ Sheila

Sale, Features, & Happy Canada Day!

Many thoughts to proffer….
First, some anonymous person with exquisite taste bought a card of my vision of Buffalo In Blue (‘Not The Emerald City, Quite…’). Thanks to him/her/it.

Whoops… okay; onward…

The Rural Around The Globe group featured Tanah At The Inn On The Horse Farm ; Days Gone By group featured Charlie & Isabel On Horseback ; and the Country Bumpkins featured The Clouds Again ~ Sunset Sets In .
Many thanks to all & sundry!

Last but not least, Happy Canada Day to all my friends just across the border… have a grand LONG weekend.
On a less happy note, Happy HST, in Ontario, at least. Fervently hope that you girded up your loins & bought petrol yesterday….

Ta ~ Sheila

A Would-Be Christmas Feature??

Happy to say that my ‘Happy Holidays, All, or, The Search For Santa Goes On’, seen here has been featured by the All That’s Archaeology group. Well, we’re halfway to the next Christmas, so what the heck. Thanks, group! ~ Sheila

A Top Ten followed by A Disappearing Act

Happy to say that my photo ‘Birmingham Bound ~ Waverley Station, Edinburgh’, seen here got a Top Ten in the Trains group’s “The Train now standing in Platform 1…” challenge. Thanks to all.

And just to let all friends & cohorts know that I may be out of sight for a few days ~ just a lot of busy-ness approaching as my sister & brother-in-law’s 50th anniversary party looms. Will be fun, but won’t leave much time for Bubbling. See you later.

~ Sheila

To All Our Friends In Cumbria

Have just heard the unhappy news about the shootings in your fair county, & wanted to send a word of sympathy… even if such events don’t affect you directly, the situation is unsettling & grim. We were in Whitehaven two years ago, & seeing the footage of that town in the newscast brought a bit of a lump to my throat. And the world goes round & round, for good or ill.
Best to all, from Sheila & Ray

Feature AND a Top Ten

Heartfelt & loud thanks to the ~Globes, Spheres and Curves group for featuring my Glass Bubble . Glad to have this fine piece of art glass honored – not to mention my photograph of it.
Thanks also to all the fine members of the All About New York State group who voted for my ‘Not The Emerald City, Quite ~ Buffalo In Blue’, seen here & placed it squarely in the middle of the Top Ten in the Photo Enhanced Images of New York State challenge!
~ Sheila

Featured ~ Grumpy Mum

Believe it or not, me wee grumpy mum, as seen here in ‘Earlier That Same Century’, has been featured in the Days Gone By group. Thanks to all who have loved Gladys & her satchel through the years, & more importantly, to those who are just getting to know her. ~ Sheila

Another Springish Feature!

Hearty thanks to the Country Bumpkin group for featuring that fabulous Lewiston bundle-o’-blooms in ‘Magnolia ~ From The Inside Out’. If you look at the features on the group’s page, you will note that Jason Connolly’s pop-up goat is right next to Mag & is eying her as a possible Next Meal. I trust the group’s security forces will keep her at bay…. Anyway, I’m chuffed. ~ Sheila

Mag can be seen here .

Feature Feature Feature

Not necessarily in that order. Thanks to the Days Gone By group for featuring BOTH my ‘Cedar Bank Again ~ 1914’, & ‘Sheila Flies Again’ (maybe ‘again’ is the operative word… & see my new avatar, though I may be getting younger still if you look closely enough). And thanks also to A Home Somewhere….. for featuring ‘The House At Cedar Bank’ (maybe ‘Cedar Bank’ is the operative whatsit).
My cup continues in its runnething over. ~ Sheila

Oh, yes…




A Top Ten!

Am here to report a Top Ten finish in the Harbor Life group’s Vibrant Colors challenge for my Mallaig Harbour view, ‘Colorful Crowd’, seen here . Thanks to all. ~ Sheila

A Feature Again

Happy to report that my ‘Brickwork, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire’, seen here , has been featured in the All That’s Archaeology group. Thanks friends; I’m beside myself. ~ Sheila

Eastery Feature!

Thanks to the All About New York State group for featuring some of the special treats to be had at Buffalo’s big Easter shoparama, as seen in ‘Easter Fare At The Broadway Market, Buffalo, NY’, visible here .

A Challenge Win!

I am more than pleased & proud to have won the Rural Around the Globe group’s ‘Spring Green’ Challenge with ‘Borders Green’, seen here . There was a large field of excellent images, so maybe I should go ahead & say I’m THRILLED! Yes, I am shouting…. Thanks to all! ~ Sheila

Another Antique Feature!

Many thanks to The Family Album group for featuring various relatives in my ‘The Family At Home, Dangerously Close To Niagara, c. 1912’, which can be seen here . Now if I could just find that hat…. ~ Sheila

Another feature... are we bored yet?

Thank you to the fine Yankees of the Majestic Massachusetts group for featuring me atop the Babson Boulder ~ ‘In Dogtown, Gloucester, MA.. for That Auld Yin’, which can be seen in all its magnificence here . I keep trying; it’s paying off.

Featured! Again!! Cup Running Over!!!

Am delighted to state that my ancestors & their horses & scenery, as pictured in ‘Holiday In Ireland, 1910’, have been featured in the Family Album Group. My thanks to the group & to all my friends who have continued to support Great Grandpa John’s excursion on the two-legged horse. I think we are in need of a pantomime horse Wee Happy Dance…. This lot can be seen here ~ Sheila

A Challenge Win! I'll Be....

Many thanks to the fine people of the All Things Pubs – 3 a Day group for voting my ‘Ulverston Mill’ Photo into the top spot in the ‘Keep It Simple’ challenge! This place may actually be a part of my husband Ray’s Dalzell family’s past; one of his ancestors was a miller in Ulverston – we’re still working on the details. Cheers to one & all; I am fair chuffed. ~ Sheila


Many thanks to the Days Gone By group for featuring my ‘For The Involuntary Berserker ~ A Very Old Springer, 1947’, a photo of my sister & her buddy Jeff. Good times! ~ Sheila

Another Feature!

Thanks to ‘Windows and Doors’ for featuring my ‘Essence of Comfort’. This beautiful space at the Park Cottage B & B in Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, is no longer accessible to the public as our friends the owners have given up most of their B & B activities (‘retired’ they call it) in favor of a self-catering wing, so I am grateful to have had the opportunity to spread myself out in this magnificent room, & to get this photo! ~ Sheila

Another Feature!

Many thanks to the Accidental Images group for featuring my ‘Flower Face’. The great thing about accidental images is that they are everywhere. Here’s to a good creative imagination!! ~ Sheila

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