Hi! Help? Thanks :)

Ahoy! I’ve been to see my parents with my son and I have caught the lurgy. (Im sick!) so please do accept my most sincere apologies for not responding to bubblemails or comments left, it really has been one of those months!

Anyway, I need your advice, I have a show on Sunday at an art & craft…. thing, I do them every month. I have bought some photo albums which I am able to put an image at the front of so im making some compositions REALLY QUICKLY by like midday so they get to the printers in time!

What I need from you is input as to what you would buy or what would catch your eye on the front of a little 6″ × 4″ photo album?

I was thinking Edwardian imagery as the village I live in is Victorian/Edwardian in design, so maybe the Edwardian girls and children etc…. OR flowers?

Or kittens and puppies? What would the men like?

The clientele is mainly settled family couples with babies and elderly middle class folk! This is why I was thinking pretty yet classic and elegant, and a little historical twist.

Does that sound ok?

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