John Hartung

John Hartung

Clearwater, United States

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"Out Of The Darkness" - the story

It has been a tough couple of months. Due to a neck injury I had started canceling art shows, which are my sole means of income. I was in pain both physically and financially. I was dreading surgery, missing more art shows and feeling my life was getting darker and I was scared. My aunt passed away a couple weeks earlier, so I was reluctant in returning to a cemetery to photograph. I decided to go anyhow, because I heard there was a nesting pair of eagles there.

As I arrived there were no signs of the eagles. But I could visually see the nest and a tall bald tree that looked like a great roosting tree. My neck was in much pain looking up for the eagles. So I found a bench not too far from the bald tree. I laid on my back and looked up in the sky. As I waited I saw squirrels climbing trees…