Custom Banner Comments

I just spent the better of two days trying to figure out how to take my artwork and turn it into a graphic comment that can be posted. I’m still working with expanded capabilities.

Could there be a business opportunity for this? Or, is this out there already.

Activity Feed and Thank You

Something is not working right for me and I can’t seem to see comments being made on my work. Either the feed is so busy the comments have been buried, i don’t know. I missed a bunch of comments on one of my works lately. If I haven’t sent out a Thank You, maybe that is why. I do appreciate all the encouragement and lovely comments on my work. It makes it worthwhile in many respects. So, thank you!!!!

update: they’re all in there! i think i was gone on the day when the many comments were made, and sometimes i don’t scroll down enough to see them.

New gadget

I’m forever trying to display my favorite photos somewhere in the house. Now I’ve seen it all. A shower curtain with pockets to display photos. hmmmmm…… (photo display shower curtain)—am I that desperate? lol.

Interesting Article On Attracting Birds (for us bird photographer enthusiasts)

Well, as yet, nothing has come my way. I didn’t know winter was the season birds are most looking for seeds…no insects around. This I got from researching on the net. As well, I ran into this write-up, which seems to be very helpful and I like that it is specific to bird species.…

I’m VERY new at this, so I’m trying to learn as much as I can. So novice, that my original research dealt with wanting to know whether cardinals are a winter bird. Haven’t hit on the answer yet, but I hope to. And, I’m re-thinking my seed purchase. I bought the mixed-seed stuff.

Oh, and maybe the bird groups could open up the journal option so we all could start getting tips from the pros. Though, we do have the description portion.

Dove photo just no


Someone read my thoughts. Great new features when uploading our work. I always wanted not to have to checkmark each and every format. And seeing the work as it’s shown on profile is great too. Yay!

Awesome Artists

I have on my watchlist some awesome artists. They inspire me and give me such pleasure. Beauty abounds as I sift through their contributions.

Just Joined Knick Knacks

A new passion has blossomed. Actually, two. They stem from my love for Macro photography.…

The photography of food, after seeing the possibility of a macro from some toast I prepared for myself (well, maybe not “prepare”,,,there’s not much to that :). But I find the possibilities limited here.

And the photography of knick knacks. After running into this group on RB, i’m excited.

I have quite a few from going to family gatherings and always acquiring the favor that is passed out after showers, weddings, christenings, etc. I may even go to my local dollar store for more finds. I can handle a dollar (smile).
Oh, what we do for the sheer adrenalin of getting that near perfect capture!

Both are great for macros.

I’ll never quit “flowers”—foremost passion, bit these also fill the void when t

My First Bird

I woke up to an exciting find. After whining for weeks that no birds or squirrels were coming to my yard, by surprise there was a flock of red robins (about 10 of them) all scurrying and looking for a meal. And, as well, one squirrel.

Was there a wish fairy lurking in my head all this time?

Anyways, it was a wet and dreary day. Suffice it to say, since it was pouring rain outside, i could only shoot from a back porch.

The bird image was small, so I’m questioning my abilities with a 300mm lens.

The photo is not worthy of Red Bubble, so I won’t post. Lighting was horrible too.

But, it was the most exhilarating and exciting experience of my photographer life!

Wishes do come true….

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