Twitter nod from Once Upon a Time

Gosh I haven’t updated my journal in forever! Lately, I’ve spent a lot of my creative mojo on art based on characters and ideas I’ve had since I started watching the show Once Upon a Time. It’s really inspired me and I’ve had a great lot of fantastic feedback on it thanks to social media. My work has been seen by the creator Adam Horowitz and won a competition judged by the show’s writers, plus the actors in the roles like Jennifer Morrison, Sean Maguire have given a little nod on Twitter! Here’s Jennifer Morrison’s retweet (the picture is focused on her character Emma Swan)

And from Sean Maguire, who plays Robin Hood (with rampant lion tattoo) in reply to someone bringing it to his attention:

What a love. I get a little thrill when the pe…

Twitter nod from Norman Reedus

It’s not often a well known subject of my paintings sees, let alone comments on one of them so imagine my surprise yesterday to see that Norman Reedus has linked my little ACEO painting of him from his Twitter.
He’s a cool guy, always linking the fan efforts that he finds and this one happened to be my little set of The Walking Dead portraits.
Thanks Norman!

Redbubble introduces the new PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT option

Yay! I just read this over at Karin Taylor’s journal, Redbubble now have a straight up photographic print option for those of use who don’t want a matte or framing or lamination. I’m really pleased about this.
You have to go through and edit each work to manually add it, so it looks like I’ll be busy!

100,000 hits!

Wow, I hadn’t noticed the counter we have in our art feed at the top until last week, and today mine hit 100,000 visits! Thanks to everyone who’s come over for a visit. It’s always appreciated. :)

Welcome Kate!

Just a little welcome to my cousin Kate, who I discovered on Redbubble today!
She’s a Melbourne based gal, mad skillz with the camera and post-click editing techniques. Check out her work, fantastic urban Melbourne scenes with a moody edge. Fascinating stuff!
Kate Karsten

Great to see you on the Bubble Kate, hope to see more of what you come up with!

Sales and Shows

Yay, I have finally gotten my act together and have art in this weekend’s Marymount Art Show (Gold Coast, Australia). I went to opening night last night, had a great time and have already sold Melanie and Marie so that’s great!
I have an acrylic painting Seaplane and watercolour Monkey’s Library in there also.
There’s a lot of fantastic art in there, the best painting award went to a beautiful watercolour done by two sisters, I believe they are twins. It was well deserved, gorgeous and I wish I could link it here!

In December I’ll also be entering the D’Arcy Doyle Art Awards, I have one drawing done and framed and another half complete. Looking forward to that one and hopefully to getting some time to do some more artwork in general, I miss it but don…

Step-by-Step Painting of Lucinda

I recently did a progress journal of a painting, and while I don’t think of it as a tutorial per se, I thought I’d link it here in case anyone was interested, as I always am of watching other peoples artwork take shape.
I linked it to the painting itself (click picture below) but I thought I’d put it here too.

Painting a Portrait…

Hope you like it! * waves *