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Twitter nod from Once Upon a Time

Gosh I haven’t updated my journal in forever! Lately, I’ve spent a lot of my creative mojo on art based on characters and ideas I’ve had since I started watching the show Once Upon a Time. It’s really inspired me and I’ve had a great lot of fantastic feedback on it thanks to social media. My work has been seen by the creator Adam Horowitz and won a competition judged…
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Twitter nod from Norman Reedus

It’s not often a well known subject of my paintings sees, let alone comments on one of them so imagine my surprise yesterday to see that Norman Reedus has linked my little ACEO painting of him from his Twitter. / He’s a cool guy, always linking the fan efforts that he finds and this one happened to be my little set of The Walking Dead portraits. / Thanks Norman!
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Redbubble introduces the new PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT option

Yay! I just read this over at Karin Taylor’s journal, Redbubble now have a straight up photographic print option for those of use who don’t want a matte or framing or lamination. I’m really pleased about this. / You have to go through and edit each work to manually add it, so it looks like I’ll be busy!
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Step-by-Step coloured pencil portrait

Hi there! I recently drew a coloured portrait of Jim from ‘The Office’ and took photos and recorded my process in case anyone is interested in taking a look. / The Making of Jim / Thanks!
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