deanna maich

deanna maich

Atherton, Australia
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William Dobell
The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it.

Deanna Maich
If you look deep inside yourself and paint what you see, you will create a dog’s breakfast

And hey, what’s wrong with that, depending on what you feed your dog of course?

But I digress, and ‘no’ you don’t have to look deep inside, in fact just look to your left and you will find a still life – your half eaten sandwich – great for practising that bubbly dough texture, and the Ergon bill you haven’t paid yet – great for practising that crumpled, shredded technique.

I offer these throughout Cairns and the Tablelands and can be contacted on if you want to present your community with workshops that will startle your canvas into talking with you.

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My still Life*

Those of you who know me, may realise I am not still at all, physically or emotionally but thought it made a nice heading.
Part of my moving life can be seen at the following links:

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Style dilemma

Well I know mine is very eclectic and have wondered about sticking to one kind of style for professionalism…like, I bought a ‘Dickerson’ means pastel portrait, cartoon-like.. / …but hey if I havent managed to do it yet, then will I ever and isnt the whole purpose of art continual morfing into new things? / Your professional thoughts are sought!?
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