Update 10.08.2012

Haven’t been getting much done.

These past two weeks I have suffered with a real nasty winter cold virus (along with most of the town it seems), with it first going straight to my chest before hitting the sinuses. I haven’t had a real doozy cold for years so guess it was due, especially when I put myself in a closed room situation where family members were already infected! 8 (

I’ve been getting lots of rest, eating properly (you know the saying ‘starve a fever, feed a cold’) and consuming a variety of fresh citrus fruit from our home garden. Instead of the usual daily coffees it’s been glasses of 1/2 fresh lime juice mixed with hot/warm water and some honey. In the first week while not a garlic fan, I did eat some raw onion and took Panadol 4-6 hourly to ease the pains.

Into the 2nd week and feeling like a yoyo – one day good and next day ‘bam’, with congested sinus/headache and coughing all over again, but I know I am slowly on the mend and soon to be back into my ‘groove’.

So I was really pleased to find my recent uploaded work Welcome To My World has been featured in the Just Pure Nature RB group today.

Thankyou to the group host for the honour, it really made my day. 8 ) ♥ XXX

Best regards
Kerryn M-P

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