I remember my love of that giant box of crayons. No, not just the new box, but my collection of broken crayons in my shoe box that kept growing every year. My father was a newspaperman and would bring giant stacks of newsprint for me to draw my heart out. My friends were largely friends who loved to draw; we would sit by the hour and laugh about our drawings. Once, a nice lady displayed “our ladies with hairstyle” drawings in our window. My friend and I were so proud! I went on to draw for poster contests, usually winning them. I was always known as the artsy one. You know, the one who helped with the murals and the floats. Eventually, I got my degree in art and an art credential, too. This artsy girl ended up being the artsy first grade teacher. The kindergarten teachers always sent the artsy kids to me. That was fabulous! I made sure there was song, drama, dance and visual art in their days at school. Along the way, I was always drawing, painting, melting or gluing something in my own personal art. My career ended with teaching VAPA for 8 years. Vapa was visual and performing arts for grades 1-6. I was considered a prep teacher. I grew greatly with my ability and love of the arts. I even won a gold medal for winning a mixed media category locally. When I retired, I know art/s would drive my life again. Oh, I give free art lessons to my friends.:)

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Ideas are Pouring in!

It’s raining today and the ideas are pouring in! What will I create today? Drip, drop……here it comes with a little thunder, too. Such excitement! I like my latest, “Hey Babe” collage. It might be fun to do a few variations of this one. The sun is shining and trying to dry up my drops….oh no! Water is very welcome this time of year. The trees are still da…
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Just Finished "Ceremonial"

I didn’t really know where this piece was going for sure. A lot of the images were floating around in my brain, and it was a good experience to catch them and put them here. It is always so amazing to look back into one’s work, find other meanings and shades to the artwork! I would love to hear what you get, impressions. thoughts or feelings from looking at “Ceremonial”…
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Hello and No Limit to Creation

I have just had comments from a few RB members. It is such a great experience to hear other artists’ voices. Today, I have spent time collecting some new images to combine. I am so into bright, tropical colors at the moment. How long will this last? There are other images lurking in my brain and studio that must be finished! Usually, a fresh day gives me enough impetus to finish, devel…
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Happy Mother's Day!

Today, I am thinking about all those wonderful mothers out there! In the USA, this is a day to bring generations together and give extra love to our moms. Maybe you want to get an ARTQUEENE card for mom. But, be sure to love your mom everyday and not just one day a year, birthday or holiday! My mom is in heaven;I am celebrating her life today and everyday!!
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