Glen Waverley, Australia


Immediately halt whatever you are doing. De-focus. Relax. Seek solace in the breath. Feel your heart fluttering under the waves of the lung. Feel your energy. Love it. Want to know more about YOU…

When does a man or woman behave like a real human BEING? For that is what we are doing, BEING. The word could not be used to any further effect, or described in detail. What does it cost to BE? Nothing. You have time, just never to yourself. Yes you do neglect yourself sometimes, and the price…

What is this energy, drawing people closer to insanity? A sense of purpose? The group mind? Answers and Questions. I have only this to offer…

Life is meant to be lived. An experience. A testimony to infinite nature. A love of being. LOVE seeks only to express itself. Any thought or action which seeks to dismember this theory, sends you over the edge. Test it. See for yourself what happens when your mind takes over, when you let others emotionally grapple you, when you can no longer be yourself, when your actions betray your senses.


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