In the Blood (a short story)

Deep bass was really the only part of the music she noticed. The light synth notes and soaring female singers were drowned out in the feel of the club. She missed the older fashions that had been replaced by the shiny and transparent clothing the crowd wore. By the bar, she was proud to have stuck to her tastes and wore a very tight black dress that didn’t share the popular current edginess. Her hair was short, black, and had a lot of movement to it. The pulsing lights made her pale skin glow blue and her bright red lipstick looked almost black.

Other people sitting at the bar swayed and moved their shoulders in response to the music, but she did not. She looked cool and confident as she set her fluorescent green drink onto the glass surface of the bar. Her gaze seemed to very slowly drift across the mirror at the back of the bar. At least four men behind her in the crowd were looking at her. Two of them openly stared from where they stood with their drinks. One was dancing with a woman while he kept glancing her way. The other was sitting at a table and talking with someone who held his arm while he snuck glances at the pale woman in black at the bar.

One of the solitary men downed the last half of his drink in a couple of seconds. He was no longer concerned with taste; he was terrified of losing his nerve. Heart pounding, palms dampening, he made his body take the confident-looking steps it took to bring him to the bar and stand only inches away from the pale woman in black.

She grinned, seeing his nervousness in the mirror. She spotted the hint of sweat on his upper lip and could almost feel his blood pounding throughout his body. He glanced at the drink she’d put down on the bar.

“Can I buy you a drink that you’ll like?” he said to her, leaning towards her. He had to nearly yell to be heard over the music.

The woman turned to him, rotating on the stool in a very quick and graceful motion. She smiled at him, looked deep into his eyes and she could see his demeanor falter for a fraction of a second.

“How do you know I don’t like the drink I have?” she asked. “Perhaps I’m someone who likes to savor things…”

She didn’t seem to have to yell over the music, her voice still sounded smooth and calm but he could hear her perfectly. He instantly loved her accent. Something European, certainly not British, but he couldn’t place it.

“Well, uh…” he replied. He didn’t want to look nervous, and knew he was doing a bit of that already having been so easily stumped. He extended his hand.

“I’m Rick,” he said, showing her a subdued and confident smile. “And you are…?”

Her smile remained, but she sighed to herself. She looked at him up and down, being quick about it. She noticed that his shoes must not have been worn more than this very night and that his pants did not have the slightest trace of knees worn into them. His tie had never been incorrectly folded and someone had to have tied it for him since the knot was stiff and perfect and executed flawlessly the first time. She wondered what someone this young, good-looking and probably wealthy had to be nervous about. Her smile brightened slightly.

“I’m Adelka,” she said, shaking his hand. He had a firm grip but he noticed that hers was firmer.

“Adelka,” he replied, smiling as he took a seat next to her and tried to casually rest his arm on the bar. “Pretty name. Where are you from?”

“Oh,” she said, sighing. “Just down the street. I’ve lived here for a very, very long time. And since we’re just now meeting, I’d bet the odds are high that I’m more local than you are, Rick.”

Rick smiled, looked down at his hands for a bit while he did his best not to blush.

“You’re not going to make this easy, are you?” Rick asked.

“And what is ‘this’ you speak of?”

“Oh I don’t know…” he said, looking into her eyes and finding it a little difficult to hold her gaze. “Me coming over. Starting a conversation. Getting to know you.”

“Indeed, you don’t know.”

Color drained from his face, her face had become increasingly icy and he suddenly felt as if he was being interrogated by the cruelest of detectives. The silence continued, their stare locked in.

Then she smiled at him and he instantly smiled and laughed, relieved.

“Okay, Rick,” she said, her smile remaining. “What is it you wish to discuss?”

“Well,” he said, still feeling like he had to put way more effort into being heard over the music than she did. “I saw you here and wanted to know more about you, who you are. Do you want to dance?”

“Hmm,” she said, smile widening. “This is how you wanted to get to know me? Such a physical man, I see.”

“Um, yeah, I guess,” Rick was amazed at how quickly she could make him switch back and forth from shy to happy, to shy again.

Adelka took Rick’s hand as she stood up on her very tall heeled shoes. Her skin was cool to the touch.

“Then come, Rick,” she said. Her smile was still there but her eyes seemed to pierce his.

Rick then experienced the highest amount of self-consciousness he could ever remember. He felt clumsy and nervous, instantly perspiring before any dancing really began. He saw how Adelka seemed to glide across the floor, effortlessly moving in heels and a tight black dress, dancing slightly as she walked. She turned to him in a flash of a fluid movement and locked her cold eyes with his. Her body was swaying and moving as if weightless. She grinned, watching him try to move to the beat. He kept his elbows close to his body, his hands were fists, and he looked a little scared.

She rotated in front of him, dancing beautifully and a little slower than the beat called for. Other people parted away from them instinctively and she pulled him by his tie towards the center of the dance floor. Rick’s palms were sweaty, and his heart was racing. He’d only wanted to have a drink with her, now she was making him do… this.

Adelka rested her hands on his shoulders and he instinctively brought his hands to her hips. He tried to keep his body moving but he was in reality doing little more than stepping from side to side while she danced in front of him. She smiled at him, seeming to think his utter nervousness was amusing. Rick wanted to run away.

“You need to loosen up,” she said with a smoldering smile that entranced him.

She turned her back as she danced, dancing with her hips close to his. He felt so flustered, confused. He wanted to flee but didn’t want to lose her. He touched her hips, danced with her. He tried not to let his hands tremble. Curses raced through his mind—he was never this nervous with women. The lights were flashing and moving, the music seemed deafening. His body felt terrified yet he didn’t want to leave her. She twirled around suddenly and placed one of her hands at the back of his neck and one hand near his waist. She looked deep into his eyes, only a slight grin to compliment her penetrating, cold blue eyes. Rick thought he was still dancing but he was really slowing down his shifting steps and was almost frozen in her stare. She broadened her grin and leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Just then, the loud electronic song ended and she took his hand in hers and walked them back to the same barstools they’d had before. Her smile was still there and her eyes looked more relaxed and friendly.

“So, Rick,” Adelka said. “Wasn’t it you that asked me to dance?”

When Rick visibly blushed, she laughed a little and gave his shoulder a light, friendly punch. Rick laughed, still nervous but he relieved to see her having a good time. He marveled at her face and movements, he truly could not bring himself to look away from her. She winked at him and ordered them a couple of martinis. Rick hated martinis, but he would drink them anyway with her. The bartender worked to serve her order before any other order that had been placed prior to Adelka’s—something that Rick failed to notice.

“Well,” she said, looking like she hadn’t danced or even moved a single muscle. “You’ll have your drink with me. Yeah?”

“Oh, yes,” Rick said. “Of course.”

She nodded at him, looking into his eyes. When the bartender set the drinks near them, Adelka stepped away from the bar and nodded at Rick again, this time motioning towards the drinks. He quickly obeyed, picking up the martinis and following her to a table she was already sitting down at. Rick was thankful that the music was quieter in this section.

“Adelka,” Rick said, suppressing a grimace at the taste of the drink. “I haven’t heard that name before. It’s lovely.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “You don’t have to pretend it’s pretty, though.”

“Oh, really, I do think it is. What, um, nationality is it?”

“Czech,” she replied. “Almost all of the female names there end with the letter ‘A.’ The names are also typically harsh-sounding compared to American names.”

“I do think it’s lovely, though.”

She nodded to him slightly, watching him like a hawk watches mice except she masked it with a grin that barely reached her cheeks.

“So what do you do, Rick?”

She drank while he answered.

“I’m in real estate,” he replied. “Just started here, it’s hard doing that in a new city. But there seems to be a lot of turnover here, much more than it was on the west coast. Ultimately it’s harder to sell in California. Here, people seem to know more what they want and where.”

“Mm,” Adelka said.

“Still not sure about the stereotype about the people here,” Rick said. “Back west they always say New Yorkers are mean and selfish, loud and obnoxious. Could be true, not sure yet, you know, still need to get to know the area more. So many people, I’m betting it’s only partly true, you know? I mean, how could it really be that bad, people are people, they’re just trying to live, I get that.”


“So you live close? That must be cool. I’m supposed to sell an apartment around here pretty soon, man, it’s expensive around here. Renovations are surprisingly common, the value keeps going up. Well, here the market goes up and down, so trendy, you know?
I just—”

“Let’s get out of here, Rick,” she said, her face expressionless.

“Oh, uh, yeah, sounds great.”

“Bet it does,” she said under her breath. Rick didn’t hear it.

Rick donned his tailored wool coat at the door and was surprised to see the coat checker hand Adelka a very thin shawl. At just past midnight, the city was very cold. Rick could see his breath. He spotted everyone else on the street walking with their shoulders hunched upwards and looking very eager to get out of the freezing air. Adelka looked as comfortable as she did in the club.

“Wow,” Rick said, trying not to let himself shiver. “You must be really used to the cold.”

“I like it,” she said, smiling at him. She was as tall as Rick was, and she knew he was trying not to hunch in any way in response to the cold for he’d lose height and seem the shorter of the two.

“So where did you have in mind?” Rick asked, struggling to keep his voice even while his body was cold.

“How much did you have to drink tonight so far?”

“Oh…” Rick said as he wondered how much would be an acceptable amount to say. “About three.”

“Mm, I see,” she replied, smiling. She gracefully placed a hand on either side of his face, feeling his cold skin and his heart racing under it, and she kissed his lips. It was a slow, deep, meaningful kiss that allowed Rick to momentarily forget where he was at. He’d even forgotten the cold.

“How about we get you warm?” she whispered, her lips less than an inch away from Rick’s.

“That, that would be lovely,” Rick said. He was so enthralled in her; he placed a hand on each of her hips and drew her close, kissing her as he hadn’t kissed any woman before in his life: without a trace of nervousness.

Adelka took one of Rick’s hands into her own.

“Come,” she said, with a grin that raised the left side of her lips and Rick couldn’t resist that twinkle in her eye.

Even though he felt as if he was floating behind her on the city’s slick sidewalk, he was shivering by the time they reached a tall and narrow brick building near a bar. Rick looked up the length of the building and saw that it was taller than the neighboring buildings. A recent rain had rendered the black brick shiny. It looked obsidian and cold.

Adelka reached into her shawl and found a zipper there that Rick wasn’t sure could be possible. He certainly hadn’t noticed it before. He was slightly dizzy with only his stomach providing any body heat. He’d certainly had more drinks than he’d admitted to, but this cold felt shockingly sobering. Adelka used a key and let them in. Without turning on any lights, she took Rick’s hand and guided them into an elevator. She touched the button for the top floor and turned to him, kissing Rick with much more enthusiasm than she’d shown outside.

The elevator was cold and the fluorescent lights were strikingly bright. Rick’s body wasn’t warming up, and he was still fighting shivers, but he couldn’t care less. As the elevator rose, he thought he would become queasy, but her hands were roaming his body, pulling him closer and closer. She tasted him, pressed her lips to his and felt him relax and surrender.

The elevator jolted to a stop, startling Rick.

She laughed softly at his reaction.

“That’s how it stops,” she said. “It’s old. Come with me.”

She flashed him that grin again, and he wanted nothing but another kiss.

Adelka pressed a series of numbers on a pad next to the elevator panel and pressed a button that lit up green when she was finished, opening the elevator doors.

“You have the whole top floor?” Rick asked, his voice slightly dazed.

“Indeed,” she said, walking into her apartment with Rick’s hand still in hers. Her body swayed gracefully as she moved. She waved a hand in front of a switch a few steps into the dark and lights rose from darkness to a soft and dim glow.

The apartment was all black and white. White walls, white lamps, white tiled floors complimented the black furniture and black borders and accents. With high ceilings and fancy black rugs, her home seemed very large and expensive. When he looked at her in this setting he saw that this really was her home: pale white skin in a black dress gave her the exact same contrast. He hadn’t realized how perfectly pale she was.

“Please,” Adelka said, smiling warmly. “Sit down, make yourself at home. I’ll make some drinks.”

“Thanks,” he said, watching her leave. He found himself missing her terribly as he sat down on the most comfortable couch he’d ever encountered. It must’ve been black suede, but he didn’t think was exactly right. The apartment was certainly warmer than the elevator, but it wasn’t warm enough to get that feeling of thawing out when you come in from the cold. He thought that must be why she hadn’t offered to take his coat. He decided that it was a tolerable temperature, even if he wasn’t comfortable.

He looked around the room while listening to Adelka hum to herself in the kitchen and close cabinet doors. He couldn’t spot any plants, but did see a large television built into the wall and a sizeable bookcase. Little knick knacks decorated tables and a mantle and shelves. He admired an onyx cat figurine, a white horse the size of a small dog that looked to be marble, and even a painting of a sea scape that used only black and white paints. Then he noticed that there weren’t any photos. Not a single image of a relative or friend.

Adelka walked back in, barefoot and silent, holding a dark drink in each hand.

“Have you been living here long?” he asked her.

She gave him one of the glasses and he thanked her. As she sat next to him she looked into his eyes and answered.

“I’ve been here for quite a long time,” she replied. “I came here to America to go to school here. I’ve been living here ever since.”

Delighting in her accent and nodding, he took a drink from the glass he’d been given. His brow immediately furrowed as he tasted.

“Wow,” he said. “What is this?”

“Oh,” she said, brightening. “Do you like it?”

“Well,” he said. “It’s different. Interesting. It’s… electrifying.”

She laughed a little.

“Yes, it’s quite unusual,” she said, drinking some. “I don’t give it to just anyone. It’s something I make myself.”

“What is it?” he asked, drinking again and not stopping for a few swallows. His body felt wonderful.

“It’s something I’ve been working on for ages,” she said and quickly finished her drink. “I call it zivot.”

“What’s that mean?” he asked, still drinking.

“Life,” she said simply, as if it was the happiest word to say. He wasn’t watching her; he didn’t see how she looked at him. He was also finishing his drink—he couldn’t help himself.

“Well that was very delicious,” he said. “It didn’t taste like there was any alcohol in it. Yet it’s so… vibrant… and… it… hums…”

“Yes,” she said. “It’s quite powerful. It goes straight to the blood.”

“The blood?”

“Well, it gets to your head, makes you feel… alive.”

“I’d say,” Rick was feeling dizzy. He looked at Adelka. She was smiling at him, leaning on one elbow on the black couch, gazing into his eyes. She was so beautiful he could look at her for the rest of time. He’d never felt so attracted to anyone. Her white skin seemed to glow and buzz. She stroked the side of his face and he could feel sparks and tingles race down his body. He noticed the couch was glowing black, and then he saw that the whole room was glowing and buzzing and barely able to stay still.

She kissed his lips. Gently at first. And as the tingles and electricity lit Rick’s body into sparks and lightning, she slid her tongue into his mouth. Rick’s mind was unable to take all of the delightful sensations at once. The world spun and lifted and glowed and drifted away from him. She touched his chest, kissed him deeply, tasted him, moved closer to him and pressed her body against his.

As she continued to kiss him, Adelka reached behind the couch to a table there. A small, glass potpourri container sat there. She reached into it, still kissing Rick, and pulled a very small razor blade out of the dried plants. Still kissing, still tasting, she carefully sliced a small cut on the side of his neck. The blade caused Rick only ecstasy.

She instantly placed her lips over the blood. Her soft, sensual lips sealed perfectly and she drank slowly. The wonder and delight that Rick had felt was nothing compared to what he felt then. His body ceased to have any knowledge of what was happening and he was lost in the pleasure. A single second was an eternity for him, but each moment was the most blissful experience he’d ever endured.

Adelka could feel her body pulse with energy. She drank from Rick; the zivot had transformed his blood into an elixir. Having so longed for new blood, she let herself enjoy every drop. She managed to smile while she kept her lips sealed around the incision. Rick moaned in pleasure, his hands and feet beginning to spasm. Patches of skin on his face and neck were visibly bruising. Muscles in his chest and the small of his back began to cramp severely but he did not care. He didn’t want this to end.

As she drank from him, she could see his life as energy electrified her body. She saw his ex-wife, how he’d cried when she’d left him for another man. She saw him become increasingly nervous in his job, becoming known for being a bad real estate agent and he had decided to move to the city and start anew. He wanted a new life. He missed his mother and father, also his brother whom he had not seen in almost a decade. She found that he’d suppressed a lot of thoughts about him, so much so that she wasn’t yet sure if his brother was still alive or not. She’d kept drinking not to know his life, but she wanted as much of his energy as he could possibly give her. When she heard his throat smacking as it clenched and suctioned with his mouth open, she forced herself to pull away from his neck.

Then she could see his face was purple and the whites of his eyes were now red and grey. His breathing was labored and veins were showing in his neck, which looked considerably thinner. His jaw bone now jutted out from his neck, the skin around his eyes hugged his skull and his brow looked bigger. But Rick was smiling in pure joy. Adelka smiled down at him, almost lovingly, and then licked the few drops of blood coming from his neck wound.
“Mmm…” she moaned.

“Rick… how do you feel?” she whispered in his ear.

From his point of view, he thought he cried out one single word with all of his might but in reality he only whispered it.

“Fantastic,” he said.

“Good,” she replied. Her voice boomed in a silky and smooth serenade in his ears. She sounded incredibly powerful.

Adelka effortlessly stood up in a motion that looked as if she floated up from the couch. She brought the third glass of zivot she’d poured in the kitchen and brought it to Rick.

“Here,” she said. “I will help you drink.”

She slowly poured it into his mouth, with one hand placed against his clammy and cold cheek. He swallowed it down, sluggishly at first and then eagerly. The purple of his skin began to immediately subside, though he still looked very sunken and thin.

Rick moved his eyes from side to side, the world becoming more visible. He thought he’d had them closed but he really was just regaining use of his open eyes. He looked into Adelka’s eyes, was overwhelmed to tears with the love he saw beaming from her gaze. He wanted to kiss her. He didn’t mind that he couldn’t move his body. He felt amazing, the drink was heightening his pleasure and he never wanted to be away from this amazing woman.

“Now, Rick,” she said, whispering as she set the empty glass on the coffee table. “I’m going to take you to your bed, would you like that?”

“Yes, dear,” he said, smiling widely. His brow was pebbled with sweat, he had incredibly dark circles around his eyes, but he looked downright giddy.

She picked him up easily in her arms, laid his head on her shoulder and walked effortlessly down a hall past the kitchen. She paused slightly to open her bedroom door and then walked past her master bathroom. The room was completely dark but she could see the computer panel in the back of her walk-in closet. She pressed her palm to the screen and it recognized her, opening with a mechanical whir. The steel door slid to the left and she walked inside, still very easily carrying Rick.

Metal and white tile was what Rick noticed first. Metal walls and tables and cabinets looked very clean, neat and expensive around the room. Computer monitors and refrigerators were to one side, while big metal doors and metal slabs were on the other side. He glimpsed something on one of those slabs though he didn’t know what it was. Dim lighting made the room glow and feel very cold. The lights were of white and light blue hues, giving an eerie feeling to the lab.

“Where is this?” Rick whispered.

“I’m taking you to your bed,” she said simply.

She walked over to one of the metal slabs sticking out of a wall and set him there in a sitting position with his feet dangling over the edge. Rick could do nothing more than hunch forward and struggle to breathe. His smile had faded to a grin and he was trying to look around and get his bearings.

Adelka placed two fingers onto Rick’s neck, feeling his pulse, and looked over his shoulder at a digital clock that timed down to the millisecond. Her fingers were warm on his skin, but her touch was anything but sensual. Her face showed no expression as she focused on the clock.

“Good enough, at least,” she said after a quarter of a minute, sighing as she dropped her fingers from his neck and began cutting Rick’s clothes off with shiny metal scissors.

“What’s going on?” Rick said.

“My dear Rick,” her tone was very flat. “I’ve told you, don’t worry.”

With his coat, jacket and shirt and tie removed, the chill in the room really got to Rick. He didn’t look down at his body, but if he had he would have seen his ribs and sternum prominently showing through his grey and purple skin. His eyes were focused again on Adelka, he couldn’t stop marveling at her. She looked very calm but stoic, cutting down the sides of his pants and boxer shorts. She bent down to remove his shoes and socks and he loved watching her beautiful black hair shimmer in the laboratory’s lighting.

Then she stood and picked Rick up, moving him up the slab and sitting him upright but facing into the room with his legs outstretched onto the slab. His naked body touched the metal and he inhaled sharply from the coldness there. When she moved away from him and took his cut up clothes from the slab and walked off with them, Rick looked down at the surface he was on and his eyes widened at the sight of his legs and pelvis. His skin ranged from light grey to dark black with some purples in between. His skin clung to his bones. Then he looked over to Adelka across the room, who was pulling plastic tubing out of drawers while she hummed to herself. Then he let his gaze shift to his left and he saw the slab next to him and his jaw dropped open.

The first thing he saw was ribs.

Ribs showing through skin that looked bright white rose and fell in steady breathing. White chest hair wisped from the skin. The face of the man was serene and smiling, his eyes taped shut. Though his face looked very young, maybe around twenty years old, the hair was very thin and white. Yet the worst thing to Rick wasn’t the chest and the head, it was everything else.

Red plastic tubing fed into the man’s neck. His arms were nothing but bones and his hands were no longer present. His pelvis was completely exposed where his trunk ended towards the waist, and his leg bones only extended to the knee and stopped there. Tubes ran from the base of his ribs and upwards into a metal cylinder hanging above him and secured to metal pipes. A computer monitor beeped next to him and vital signs were displayed there along with a sizeable series of other numbers.

Adelka returned to Rick, humming still, carrying plastic tubing and a small black bag.

“I’m going to need you to lie down on your back,” she said tersely. “I’ll assist you.”

“But…” Rick started to say, but stopped as he inhaled sharply again in reaction to the cold metal slab touching his back. He shivered and his hands trembled.

Rick felt more coldness as she wiped areas along his neck. He could smell rubbing alcohol. The skin started to turn numb. Rick looked up adoringly at Adelka, watching her work. He could hear her humming no more, but could hear the breathing of the man from the metal slab to his left, the beeping of the computer.

Adelka stuck four tubes with needles at the ends into Rick’s neck. One by one, securing each of them against his flesh with a plastic sealing ring and more rubbing alcohol, making sure everything was in perfect order before proceeding. She then installed the tubes into the ports further up the metal slab.

Immediately after each one was connected, dark red liquid flowed down the tubes and into Rick’s neck. Rick could instantly feel the flow, groaning in delight as the liquid electricity flowed through his veins. As Adelka worked to install the tubes into the lower parts of Rick’s body, Rick could see visions of Adelka dancing with her sister. She was younger in these visions. Then he saw her in school, immersed in science books and flirting with her instructors and lab partners. Then Rick saw an old man on his deathbed and knew it was her father. She’d kissed his cheek every day she’d visited him in the hospital. Then he saw her experimenting with animals, cutting into them, draining them. She was making love to a handsome man, she was driving a nice car, arguing with an American police officer the first time she got a traffic ticket in this country. Rick saw her taking a picture with an executive, shaking his hand and smiling for the camera. He saw more laboratories, saw her drawing blood from monkeys; Adelka was wearing a lab coat.

His eyes started seeing the present reality and he could see the gorgeous Adelka humming to herself again as she hooked tubing to a metal cylinder above his body. He briefly wondered if he was going to waste away like the man beside him had. As that thought had cropped up into his mind, he knew the man’s name. He knew that he was Alec who had been an intern at an investment firm. He was in love with Adelka.

A machine powered up somewhere above Rick’s head and then he noticed Adelka was holding a glass vial that she held to the wall and it filled with a dark red liquid. When it was full, the machine stopped.

She drank it from the vial, slowly, carefully, savoring it. She was swaying and moaning as she consumed the liquid. When she was done, she licked her lips, her eyes were closed, and she savored the drink. Rick knew that the feeling it gave her was the best feeling she ever felt. It always is.

“Zivot?” he asked. But he was already realizing the answer; the knowledge was coming to him as the visions of her past had.

“No,” she said. She spoke in a swooning moan. “It’s much better than that.”

He knew zivot was what made his blood so wonderful to consume. He knew he was a part of her now, as she was a part of him. He knew he was contributing to her life, letting her continue it.

She opened her eyes, sighed the most pleasant of sighs. Then she looked serious again, checking the computer monitors next to Rick. After re-checking the tubes flowing into and out of Rick’s body, she bent down to his face and looked into his eyes. Rick’s eyes were glassy, but very happy. She lovingly touched his face, kissed his lips.

“Welcome home, Rick,” she said.

He smiled blissfully.

“You’ll be going to sleep now, Rick,” she said, smiling at him. “Goodnight.”

She pressed a button on the monitor, and he could instantly feel sleep begin to take him. But before he did, he used his body’s voice for one last time.

“I love you,” he said, smiling as he fell asleep.

She smiled at him and watched him drift comfortably. She walked to the other side of the lab and worked there for a time. Adelka keeps meticulous records; the amount of data she keeps and grows is astounding. Rick fell deeper and deeper into sleep, the fluids flowing in and out, his dreams and mind expanding in tranquil sleep. The blood and the zivot would continue to flow into him, the enriched blood would continue to flow out of him; machines would process the output and enhance it… forever. Rick was now a part of her elixir.

Believe me, I know.

I’ve been hers for over ten years now.

The blood flowing from Rick, the blood Adelka contributes each week, and the blood flowing from me will all continue to be a part of the pool, the life force for her. I’m on the slab too, the one next to Rick. I dream, I live, and I love. I’m wrapped in her, swimming in her heaven. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and it only gets better and better. I’ve seen Rick’s journey to this place, to Adelka’s life. I’ve seen her own path to this greatness she has achieved. There were others before me—before she perfected this process—and there will be others even after Rick. But I’ll still be with her; and I’ll always love her.

We’ll be together forever.

In the Blood (a short story)

Anthony McCracken

Chico, United States

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Artist's Description

A short fiction story of mine.

I feel weird classifying the genre of the story, but I would guess it to be surreal fiction or perhaps horror. Starts out in a club, sometime in the present of near future. A man attracted to a woman, but it doesn’t quite end up how one might think it would…

This is part of a short story collection I have published called “All That You Hide.”

It’s available through Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and as a PDF and in other formats here.

Hope you enjoy it!!

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  • Anthony McCracken
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