Got Plans for December 12, 2012?

Doomsday? End of the world? Well many have ideas, beliefs and proofs. Some say the Mayan Calendar Ends and the world ends, whilst others say with the Mayan Calendar ending it only means it starts all over again. Then theirs the Bibical prophecies of many like Casey, Hubbert, Nostradamus, etc. Theories of asteroid, or planet collision “Nibiru” goverment cover up. Coinscience’s of the number 11 being significant . and on and on and on. But I came across something much more extraordinary than all that. Now, I am aware of the magnetic field is in shifting process right now, and that every 11 years the sun’s polar magnetic fields reverse. But what i didnt know was this:

The Real Doomsday December 21, 2009
(especially this part: The Galactic Alignment of December 21, 2012, The Perfect Storm)

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Seriously read this article its most fascinating and really is an extrodinary event that is going to happen…well i should say has been happening since the its been occurring for quiet some time.

I’ll wait for your return………..
Read it?

Did you know that?? I didnt! Makes me feel like i was living under a rock, okay maybe so, afterall i breathe art, rarely watch tv or listen to the radio. And when i do watch tv its all the stuff i record and commerical free…lol . Anyway, unbeknownst to me a huge event is coming and it’s huge! What an amazing time to live in, will this event change the earth?, will we be able to see more things out there by the new positioning?, will we actual feel something at that moment?, will this cause more solar flares & worse weather patterns?, will gravity change as we know it significantly?

Please leave your thoughts, educated guess’s, other articles which apply to this post.

Here are the rest of the Links to the articles I read:

Polar Shift & Pole Reversal in 2012
Is The Pole Shift Theory Possible?
Study: Earth’s magnetic field is changing
Will The Earth Burn Up In 2012?
The Number 11 Some interesting observations
Chronology of Events leading to December 21 2012
The Eight Horsemen of 2012
“Dec. 21, 2012 – Doomsday? ":

Please keep n mind that while there is no factual basis for the Mayan End-of-Times paranoia, this certainly won’t stop opportunists or the gullible, and we all know how the internet stuff can spread like wildfire. I take everything with a grain of salt. But found it interesting to say the least and found Dan Eden ’s (The Real Doomsday December 21, 2009) article to be the most plausible of all of them.

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  • retepk
    retepkover 5 years ago

    Interesting scenario. But as a sceptic and a disbeliever of prophecies I shall await further corroborating scientific evidence. With respect.

  • Actually i think The Galactic Alignment of December 21, 2012 is the scientific evidence, what will it do to earth is the question as we werent here 12,000 years ago to know what hapened last time. Id keep an eye on astrophysics and space science articles myself. Thanks for your comment.

    – Lisa Weber

  • Sam Dantone
    Sam Dantoneover 5 years ago

    I have made my reservation on Walt Disney’s mother ship, scheduled to leave the 11th.

    Sam Dantone

  • Lisa  Weber
    Lisa Weberover 5 years ago

    ahhhhh, you funny man Sam! thanks for your comment!

  • Teo Zirinis
    Teo Zirinisover 5 years ago

    wear your party clothes! the end is near :P

  • Hugh Fathers
    Hugh Fathersover 5 years ago

    Interesting stuff. I’ve also been reading up on this date. It’s just a pity its all going to happen on my 56th birthday

  • really? LOL, okay well just in case the earth does burn up, explode, or reverse gravity, Happy Birthday Early!!!

    – Lisa Weber

  • Ash Sivils
    Ash Sivilsover 5 years ago

    Great article. I fear it but I also think if it is proved wrong people will live in a new
    light. Maybe it is the end for many things, hopefully not us!

  • Peter Horsman
    Peter Horsmanover 5 years ago

    As those of us in Oz live a few hours in the future anyway we’ll give our US cousins the heads up if anything funny starts happening on that date :o)

  • Peter Hill
    Peter Hillover 5 years ago

    I can’t believe you believe this stuff. There is no cover up and no conspiracy. There is no planet Nibira. If there was and it was on its way to Earth, you’d see it. The so-called Nibiru had briefly been prominent among conspiracy buffs in 2003, when there was a similar rumor of the coming destruction of our civilization. The source of this information was a specific warning said to have been sent to the people of Earth by an advanced alien civilization on a planet orbiting the star Zeta Reticuli. A woman named Nancy Lieder claimed to be channeling this information from the Zetans, who warned that a worldwide cataclysm would strike the Earth in May 2003. Indeed.

  • The Galactic Alignment of December 21, 2012 is the other thing i see as

    truth here, i was making light of all the other stuff people come up with.
    But the alignment change, how our universe is shifting into the equator of

    the milky way and then will be beneath is signficant. Never in mankind’s

    short history has this occurred, we are living in a incredible timeline.

    With the alignment, the pole shift of the sun and possible increased

    flares and reactions to magnetic forces is a concern of mine and the

    future of our planet. We have seen record weather events since 1998, going into the belt position could make things worse and could increase possiblities of asteroid or space junk hitting us more frequently.

    That Nibiru thing is a hoax.
    The mayan calendar ending is truth.
    Earths magnetic shields shifting is truth.
    The sun’s shifts its magnetic poles is truth.

    As for cover up and conspiracy’s trust me our goverments hide things all

    the time..using the tactic, “We can not panic the people” with scenarios’s. Whether it be terriorism, politics, or space junk coming towards us, we are less informed than you know.

    Let’s face it, the planet would be in serious termoil if the world leaders came on tv an announced ’Well sorry folks but a huge asteroid is going to hit on such an such date and we cant figure out a way to stop it, so bend over and kiss your ass goodbye"

    People would instantly start riots, kill each other, rape, rob, fires etc…

    Do i believe in the all the articles i posted, of course not, do any make sense and could be viable, yes.

    I posted this topic for a few reasons. Its all over the internet/tv shows…the date. Its a topic where peple can post their thoughts, make jokes about, be concerned…a place where no one is judged in what they see as truth or BS. And lastly because no one else was talking about it, nor had made a t-shirt yet.
    I’m usually the one who is a day late or a dollar short….for once I was ahead by marketing on it. Like those who made millions off of the scare of Y2K.

    Granted Im not going to make millions but…I’ve sold 2 T-shirts so far…I’m thrilled.

    – Lisa Weber

  • adgray
    adgrayover 5 years ago

    Brilliant Lisa
    and I like the array of comments so far
    well just live life for today cos tomorrow may never come – and as they say if you’re worried if tomorrow didn’t come or not ask the Aussies!
    Chookas! ♥

  • adgray
    adgrayover 5 years ago

    PS that Brilliant is because I recognise how much work you have put into this article and I applaud you for that!
    but also cos the 12/12/12 should prove brilliant if nothing else!
    [hmmmm my daughter’s 17th Birthday]
    [and I always thought I would survive some kind of holocaust some how]
    CHOOKAS! ♥

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