A few days ago my main hard drive crashed, it was only 3 months old!
It was a brand new replacement and upgrade i needed as an artist. I loss alot of stuff mainly all my DAZ Content ( over 400,000 files alone), docs, artwork etc. Granted most was backed up but not the last 3 months as i never imagined this happening. But what i really wanted to tell you is this:

I searched the net in hopes of saving my precious drive, and found these Data Recovery Lab companies, most claiming, No Data No Charge, And Costs in 250.00 range. Now to anyone 250.00 isnt that bad considering if you have NO OTHER OPTION BUT TO to Rebuild again…like me, but things that are not readily, or easy to duplicate…like artwork is a major loss.

well i got bad news back from the data recovery lab:
estimate came in at 1495.00!!! because of the following:

my 500 gb HD has a read write failure
NTLDR missing file indicates heads dont read the drive correctly
procedure needed is “invasive”…Called a HEAD SWAP
where they have to buy a duplicate western digital HD exact match where they get chargd 4 x’s the amount, because only so many are made, then the in lab procedure itself is expensive, they have to replace the head stack assembly recalibrate the drive then image the drive, then see if anything is on it.

OMG….so any companies you see online that claim they can do it for 250.00 are lying, because 9 out of 10 are just hoping you send them the HD and you really only have a minor problem called Logical Recovery, but if they come back and cant read your drive (like mine) then its considered INVASIVE and thats where the big bucks get charged. Now to a major corp, or high end business $1500.00 is nothing but to personal users like ourselves thats outrageous to consider!

Also FYI anybody that says oh all they have to do is remove the platters and put them on another drive to read them, doesnt know what the hell they are talking about, because that procedure is actually called a PLATTER SWAP, its very complicated and if their off 1 mil. it wont work and gets destroyed, thats costs 2 x’s as much to do.

Also Western Digital HD 5000JS series and 5000KS series is rated the worst for hard drives as they have a high rate of failure (stated by DTI Data Corp.) they avg 2.9 yrs, which i only had it put in 3 months ago by my tech guy (so now i have to go back on him for the failed HD). The company i dealt with said they get 10-15 western digitals for recovery a day. Thats scary!

If any of you pc pros know of another HD brand proven to be safer, lasts longer, rated higher pls let me know a.s.ap. as Im going to have to buy another HD a.s.a.p.


Also id advise a battery back up because surge protectors dont protect your hardware in electrical outages, only prevents spikes in electricity. What most people dont know is this: A simple 1-2 second power outage that makes your pc go out, and even if it suddenly reappears without restart is damaging to your CPU! Living in Florida this is a constant it doesnt have to rain, be lightning, it can be a perfectly good sunny day and our power goes out. If you live in a state like this, a battery pack will prevent damages for the most part and is highly recommended by computer service techs.

Thanks for listening!



  • Rpnzle
    Rpnzleover 6 years ago

    Wow! Lisa thanks for the info, sorry this happened to you! I am going to back up everything tonight and make a plan to do it once a week. I would be screwed if my hard drive went! Hope you can work this out and not have it cost too much, sorry again.

  • Cimmerrian
    Cimmerrianover 6 years ago

    Good info Lisa, sorry to hear about that happening to you . Anyone that reads this should really take heed and learn to back up and do it properly . I don’t have nearly that many files ( don’t know if that’s a good thing or , just means Im not working hard enough lol ) but I back up at least once a week. I was using a 10G flash drive since the only stuff I back up is my art ( dont care too much about the rest ) but recently surpassed the 10G mark, and invested in a portable hard drive for back up … well worth the investment , anyone that doesn’t think it’s worth the investment … read up there /\ recovery will cost you alot more ( and that’s if it CAN be recovered ) . If I lost all my work , I think I’d have to be institutionalized… and I’m crazy enough as it is , it can really be devastating . Thanks for bringing up the topic… lol ok my rants done :)

  • Shanina Conway
    Shanina Conwayover 6 years ago

    What a horrible thing to happen Lisa, and thank you for the info.

  • Anne Smyth
    Anne Smythover 6 years ago

    I went through that with WD awhile ago – after a very expensive recovery (almost everything, thank God!) they gave me a new and smaller external hard drive. I am very nervous using it for storage but haven’t figured out what else to use. Sorry you went through the hassle and expense – it sucks!

  • Dreamscenery
    Dreamsceneryover 6 years ago

    sorry to hear your stuff was lost…yeah it was a hefty price to pay but you got your artwork back though…right?

  • Mary Campbell
    Mary Campbellover 6 years ago

    Now you have me nervous, I have a 500gb WD and a 600 gb Lacie.. Both have been working fine but I did notice the WD book was very flimsy compare to the Lacie which is like a tank. I haven’t backed things up in a while. I did think I lost it a while back but it was just the partition table, which I managed to rebuild myself with Samantic’s Disk Doctor. A good program to have for index problems and things. Are you sure that is what’s wrong and they are not just trying to rip you off. Many of them do that too. Well you got me thinking backup now.

  • Mark German
    Mark Germanover 6 years ago
  • Thanks Mark
    I was in the middle of a backup at the time the HD crashed! Fortunately the D:\ drive didnt crash as well, but it also didnt backup in the process, their was a cyclic redunancy error, and system wouldnt unlock, after shut down, and I reboot, the repeated error came up stating “The NTLDR File Is Missing”. Then my pc tech dr. told me: That drive is gone, physically not working, no utilities can read what is on it, kind of like a bent or broken needle trying to play a record.

    Yes i should ve been backing up weekly/daily that i accept as my fault for waiting 3 months. And for assuming a brand new HD wouldnt crash.

    But saying Its the USERS fault at all times isnt fair, so i have to argue that the fact that a HD shouldnt be crapping out so easily, perhaps had the company made better quality merchandise we as consumers wouldnt suffer as much and have to make backups in triplet to ensure our properties safety.

    It might have happened exactly the same way had i tired the first week to backup (the HD may have been faulty from the get go) no one will ever know, all i know now is i wont be buying western digital products and i will back up daily now, and add a battery back up to prevent hardware damages by electrical outages.

    – Lisa Weber

  • randomdumping
    randomdumpingover 6 years ago

    I just had a drive crash this weekend. Went to the local computer store and purchased a new one. Re-installed the OS then logged into my Carbonite backup account online and within a few hours had all my stuff back. They are an online backup with unlimited space for $49US per year! Check them out, I’m really pleased.

  • Modo Mahu
    Modo Mahuover 6 years ago

    I use all Hitachi Drives, and I have for some years now. Also, you might want to lok into getting a RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) 1 SAS (Serial Attached Storage)device. Basically, you get two identical drives, and whatever gets wirtten to one, gets duplicated to the other.

    There are enterprise class devices such as Linksys – (http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellite?c=L_Pr...), but they tend to be expensive.

    Your best best would be something lke netgear’s ReadyNAS Pro (http://www.netgear.com/Products/Storage/ReadyNA...).

    Sorry to hear about your plight, and best of luck to you!

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