I have always been fascinated by the language of art and visual thinking, because of its ability to speak universally and jump the boundaries of conventional language and cultural differences. I have a hard time to explain my work. I rather leave the spectator to develop its own interpretation and read it trough its own experience. For this is, what visual language is for me. The language of body and heart. Allways universal, intimate and clear.
In my work I am interested in still life and contemporary personal landscape, as news, books or bank accounts and decorative patterns from our homes. My preferred materials are oil color, pencil and handmade unique prints, made of rubber sheets, something like potato stamps we all made in school.
Ultimately I am very interested in working on paper. I see it as a universal support. Cheap and present in all of the cultures. I see it as a very intimate support, which brings out artists most intimate thoughts. Drawing on paper for me is the basis of all art and visual thinking.
In ultimate works I am searching the visual message behind written texts as news or books. Something like the child who can not read but admires the beauty of the signs and pattern of the paragraphs and lines. Because when we learn to read we stop seeing how beautiful the dance of the letters is.

  • Joined: July 2010