I have been an artist since infancy.In the 6th& 7th grade i put my best work in a portfolio in order to gain admission to Buffalo Academy for the Performing Arts.I was accepted in 1981-from8th grade to 11thgrade.My folks moved with a promotion to Raleigh NC Igraduated WG Enloe HS in 1985.Gradually I became well known for Breakdancing/airbrushing-clothes,graffiti art,dj-ing & martialarts[kungfu].Getting paid for my talents made my parents proud-however I met my true success as an artist when shop & club owners began using my artistry for their logos/storefront displays/flyers/windows/signs/interior accents & holidaydesigns.Then had the opportunity to work as a resident artist at FunHouseRecords for 2yrs[making nearly $700a wk.!].Since then I’ve been a US navy Airdale[patsquadVP-47]-graduated ESI advanced bodyguard training[executivesecurity internatioal,aspen co]-bartending school-truck driving school[drove east to west w/carolina cargo]-raised a fine 22yo medical billing specialist/been married-[now going through the 7thmo of separation]
Ihad begun tattooing in 2004 let it go now I am re inventing myself through old & new visions including tattoos since the summer of 2008.I am glad redbubble exists.One day I will open my own artstudio/tattoo shop-& help other artist to find value & income for their artistic talent.may success & inspiration be you everyday! Artist842.

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