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Payne Park, Sarasota, Florida, USA

Olympus SP570 UZ +Picasa 3 + PhotoFiltre

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Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gizmos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel.
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  • Stuart Baxter
    Stuart Baxteralmost 4 years ago


  • thank you stuart !
    my best, francis.

    – artisandelimage

  • Debbie Robbins
    Debbie Robbinsalmost 4 years ago

    I have been watching these stream into my FAV stream… and this one really grabbed me and pulled me in…. Kudos!!!! love it. :)))))

  • glad it did pull you in dear debbie !
    thank you !
    my best, francis.

    – artisandelimage

  • Esperanza Gallego
    Esperanza Gallegoalmost 4 years ago


  • thank you so much !
    my best, francis.

    – artisandelimage

  • Bunny Clarke
    Bunny Clarkealmost 4 years ago

    Gorgeous capture my friend.

  • thank you bunny !
    my best, francis.

    – artisandelimage

  • patjila
    patjilaalmost 4 years ago

    That’s an awsome capture, the contrasts are really attractive even irrisistable!

  • thank you so much !
    my best, francis.

    – artisandelimage

  • Steven  Agius
    Steven Agiusalmost 4 years ago

    Another superb image Francis.

  • another great comment, thank you steven !
    my best, francis.

    – artisandelimage

  • MaeBelle
    MaeBellealmost 4 years ago

    Beautiful work,♥ :o)) God Bless,Mae

  • thank you mae !
    my best, francis.

    – artisandelimage

  • Leila A. Fortier
    Leila A. Fortieralmost 4 years ago

    Stunning Francis…the lotus is one of my favorites. Do you know the meaning of the lotus? It is very special…would be very nice to add to Inspired art the story:

    The Lotus flower is regarded in many different cultures –— specially in eastern religions — as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition: even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower.
    The Meaning the Lotus Flower According to Buddhism

    According to Buddhism, every person has the potential to become perfect and enlightened, and it is just a matter of time until each human reaches the light. Buddhists believe that it’s necessary to reborn thousands of times, polishing one’s being through many incarnations, until one reaches nirvana – the highest state of consciousness that humans can access.

    The journey of the consciousness from spiritual ignorance to perfection happens through many rebirths and can be very painful and difficult, as the process of reincarnation involves the need to repair past mistakes at every new life and one faces the consequences of every action, thought and words. While humans are not conscious of their spiritual greatness, they believe that life is unfair and worthless, but as they evolve through many cycles of death and rebirth, all the darkness is slowly removed.

    The moment in which a being reaches nirvana is symbolized by the time that the Lotus flower finally blossoms beautifully over the dirty water, as the water in many different belief systems represents the material world or the physical realm.

    So, Buddha is sometimes depicted sitting on a Lotus flower, symbolizing the one who overcame the pain of that prevails in the material world and became enlightened, just like the Lotus flower which starts to grow in the dirty and muddy water but manages to surpass the water and produce a perfect flower. Many Hindu gods are depicted sitting or standing on a Lotus flower for the same reason.

    Another characteristic of the Lotus flower is that it sheds its seeds at the same time it blossoms. Buddhists that followed the Mahayana path as well as Hindus, saw an analogy between the Lotus and the task of an avatar – a being that, after having reached the perfection, decides to return to the rebirth cycles (samsara) in order to help the rest of humanity evolve instead of merging with the nirvana light.

    The One Thousand Petal Lotus (Thousand-Petaled Lotus) and the Seventh Chakra

    Since the Lotus flower represents the awakening of consciousness, it also symbolizes the seventh chakra, called Sahasrara. According to practitioners, this energy center, located at the top of the head, can be stimulated through yoga and some forms of meditation.

    When the seventh chakra is awakened, a state of pure consciousness, peace and joy is reached, as the Sahasrara is said to be interconnected with the other chakras producing a sensation of union with God. This process is believed to be the microcosm of the spiritual journey of consciousness – just like humans travel through many incarnations towards the union with God (nirvana), the kundalini energy also travels through the seven chakras in order to reach the Sahasrara when finally, the consciousness merges with the unity. This is why the seventh chakra is depicted as a Lotus flower with one thousand colorful petals.

    The lotus is also India’s national flower.

  • wow, leila, thank you so much for this very interesting info !
    my best, francis.

    – artisandelimage

  • UncaDeej
    UncaDeejalmost 4 years ago

    Beautiful work….Deej…FAV

  • thank you deej !
    my best, francis.

    – artisandelimage

  • Cizeranne
    Cizerannealmost 4 years ago

    Beautiful. And very delicate light.

  • merci infiniment patrick !
    sincerement, francis.

    – artisandelimage

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