I have been dabbling in art ever since High School, but I stopped after I got married, had my first daughter then a second daughter. (As many new wives and mothers often do.) THEN it has literally been the last 2 years that I have made a life out of my art. I’m a self-taught artist, absorbing EVERY book, blog, web, tutorial, anything to educate myself on techniques. I try to not limit my creativity to just portraits, but I prefer painting people over any other subject. I feel I can connect with other people more easily that way. But I do try to make sure to paint other subjects just so that I don’t miss out on something that I might have loved to paint all along! I may not succeed at it every time, but at least I tried! I started teaching art just last year to some local kids to help pay for the rent on my studio. I started with 2 students, I now have over 30! I could have MANY more, but then there would be no time for my own art, plus I haven’t forgotten I have a family too! I am pleased to know that only being 29 years old, I have only just begun!!"

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