A resident of New Brunswick, Linda completed two years of Fine Arts training at the Saint John Vocational School in the late sixties.

She has been painting for the last thirty years, more frequently over the last ten years. Her preferred medium tends to be acrylics on canvas, although sometimes she works in oils and watercolors. Her subject of choice is the heritage and countryside of New Brunswick (Canada) and the Maritimes.

Linda is in the process of building an art studio on the riverfront in Sheffield. It is considered a sculpture, an ongoing project designed personally by her. There will eventually be a maze made of cedar trees as well as a secret garden.

Over the years a lot of effort and funds have been invested in her creative endeavors. It has been an interesting and enjoyable experience. It can be quite time consuming, but pays off. Her artwork is displayed at her Sheffield studio from May until September. Also, her paintings are displayed at the Fredericton Region Museum.

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