Our aim is to provide creative & concerned people a platform & audience, archive of thoughts & celebration of actions for change.


+ to empower and gather activist artists together to broaden the appeal of communication of messages regarding important issues in society.

+ to promote and market our activities with a critical mass wherever possible to strengthen voice and communication of the message.

+ to ACTION issues as they arrive and when needed, but to also continually create awareness about social justice and topics that are always under scrutiny or are concerning to the artists.

+ to forge links with larger and more influential socially active community networks, in order to get exposure to coordinate with whatever we are needed for and to hopefully gain artists opportunities to get their ideas into the public arena through print, internet and ultimately traditional events such as exhibitions.

+ to stimulate awareness amongst our communities by actively acting collectively and artistically.

+ aspire to inspire.


  • Joined: October 2009


Art Action Union Sporadic Publication 2010 - No. 1

For those that want to understand what we’re doing off this site and on numerous others… / The Blog Has Been Updated this week / So in this edition we have… / “What exactly do you do AAU?” / “QPUNX” / “Being and Individual is a Paradox” / and / “feature artist Ross Robinson” … / hope you have a look :-) / Cause it’s goo…
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Art Action Union Stuff October 2009

Here is some news encompassing our networks activities all over the place
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Art Spaces Hosting Activism in the Context of the Art Action Union

New Tactics In Human Rights / Art Spaces Hosting Activism in the Context of the Art Action Union / General Questions: / • What creative practices or forms of art expression have you used that have engaged people and communities to take action? / Utilising marketing and communication strategies for alternative media creation, all techniques and practices are recognised as valid and necessary for t…
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