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pardon my absence.

wow. / redbubble has grown a fair bit since i was last here! / I had lots of time not doing artistic things, but I have since said to myself / <i>what the hell are you doing, you love art, go be creative</i> / so I am re introducing myself to the love I once had. / so hello there
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loving your thoughts.

just a quick thank you to my recent watchers and commenters! / Thank you for taking the time to look at my work :D / I love any criticism and feedback so please! don’t hold back! / have a lovely day.
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am i too open? do we need a 'style'

i have noticed that as a young artist i am still experimenting a lot with different medias, techniques and idea. one day i might be thinking up a new idea for a graphite portrait, the next some crazy idea for a digital piece for a tee, and the next who knows. / what i am concerned with is, do i need style. do i need something similar and solid. a product in order to be successful? a lot of succes…
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i like redbubble

its a sweet idea / i think i might by / something from my / shop / just to see / you know / or someone else’s shop / or i might just do both. / woop
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