I am an artist, a photographer, a writer, a musician, a composer, a craftsman, a designer, a programmer, and an activist. I have been recognized for various works in all these areas over the last half century.

My moniker ‘Art4EartH’ came from the passion I have in the things I believe in… especially with my activist artwork. That is the second reason for the moniker, as I want to be able to create my activist artwork freely, without threat of retaliation from clients or employers due to my beliefs and opinions that I express in many of my artworks.

My wonderful parents met in art school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during 1940’s, and soon immigrated to the USA shortly after getting married. I was born in the US, though my parents were both still Canadian citizens awaiting their US citizenship. This gave me dual citizenship, although I think of myself more as a citizen of the world, as when you look down at earth from space there are no borders or countries.

I started working with my father in his photographic business at the young age of 6, and can fondly remember the step stool I would drag around the darkroom so I could reach over the top of the large tanks to soup prints. I worked on and off in the family business for 35 years, gaining knowledge and experience in every aspect of photography from shoots, to darkroom, to mounting and framing. I was so fortunate to have my father and mother as my teachers, and I have learned more from them than any university course has ever offered me.

I won my first art competition when I was a freshman in high school, a self-portrait of myself, that to this day is still hanging on the wall of my parents home. I have also had both my art and writing featured in many prominent publications and magazines over the years. I coauthored a college textbook based around my own programming techniques with the Dean of Computer Sciences while in college in the early 80’s. I have designed many successful websites for both business and non-profits, doing everything from
conception and design, to the artwork and graphics, to the custom programming, to authoring the content, and successfully marketing it over the internet.

I love the tremendous power of computers that let me craft a whole new spectrum of art and music that were not available during my parents generation, and continue to explore ways of mixing the infinite forms of media that are the result of this technology. The successful and harmonious merging of the left and right brain.

I love making artworks that strongly associate an ideal or message to the viewer, and leave the viewer with a new and more open mindset about various issues. I often will hide things within my artworks, so the viewer will find something new the next time they
look at an artwork. I hope that my artwork will be unique, different, interesting, and enjoyable for all my visitors.

I always welcome constructive criticism of my artworks, as it helps me to grow as an artist. So please never hold back on telling me how you really feel about an artwork!

Well other than that, I’m pretty much just a laid-back soul that appreciates the simpler things that life has to offer, as it’s the
simple things that award us our greatest joys in life.

Now that I have probably bored you to tears with this mini-bio, I hope that I can excite your minds, souls, and spirits with my art!

Thanks for the visit!

Peace & Love,

Art 4 Earth ;)

  • Joined: September 2008
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