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If a little dreaming is dangerous, the
cure for it is not to dream less,
but to dream more …
to dream all the time.

– Marcel Proust, French novelist
My dreams are always in color.
– Wendy J. St. Christopher, Artist

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I’m a digital artist and photographer, creating with camera, PC, and printer instead of canvas and brush. My work is contemporary, neo-traditional, and/or abstract in tone with vivid color, bold shapes, and visual texture being key elements. I’m intrigued by the unexpected and am inclined to make the “Wow!” factor the most relevant component of my art.

On a good day, a few bars of music, a glimpsed flash of color, or an overheard snippet of conversation or movie dialogue is enough to send me running to my computer. On a very good day, I have the chance to share my work with the world.

Thanks, in part, to the boundless marketing potential of the Internet, my art has found its way into private collections, worldwide, and has been featured in “Frontiers in Neuroscience”, a quarterly scientific publication distributed to thousands of libraries, universities, top scientists and medical professionals, worldwide.

Part serious technology geek, part exuberant creative. That’s my art! That’s my excitement!

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Why Digital Art?

I enjoy creating work that, very obviously, would not exist without modern technology. I’m thrilled that many of my images start with a camera and then swerve, wildly, wherever I choose to take them. I love straying far, far away from the ‘realism’ box and creating art that is ‘other’ than any traditional medium. That’s what I do — it’s the main focus of my work.

Of course, I still, sometimes, take a photograph that (mostly) remains a photograph. Usually, though, when I’m lining up a good shot, I’m already mentally laying out the manip.


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(not-so-)New Frontiers

In 2010, several of my images were featured in back-to-back issues of the scientific journal Frontiers in Neuroscience. The Frontiers group, based in Switzerland, but with worldwide distribution, found me via my RedBubble portfolio. / It turned out to be an awesome collaboration, with a nice attachment of fringe benefits. / The moral of this story? Sales notwithstanding, it pays to update and m…
Posted about 3 years – 2 comments

"Free Your Mind"

Hours and hours of work = 1 minute, 52 seconds of fresh video / I’ve been in a pseudo-psychedelic state of mind . . . Enjoy! / [Video]
Posted about 4 years – Leave a comment

Dear God,

Dear God, / I know we don’t chat every day, and I’m told it’s impolite to ask for favors. But, God, yesterday I sold 11 of my RedBubble cards. It was a truly great feeling ~ a feeling I’d like to have every single day. / So, God, if you can find it in your heart to let me experience that feeling again, or even the alternate feeling of selling 11 framed prints, I’d …
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