Christine McDonough

Christine McDonough

Salt Lake City, United States

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Salt Lake native, but a traveler who wishes to see more places. I’m amazed by the art of others, and find myself compelled to make my own. Someday I might take the leap and try to make a living at it – exciting day when that arrives!
I am finding it difficult to fight the predisposition that photography is not and cannot be “Art”; some of the local art galleries insist that they don’t have enough wall space for photography, yet they cover their walls with large oils and acrylics! It’s relieving to find a community at Red Bubble which includes photography as an art medium de facto.
You can find some of my work here, too:
Christine McDonough Photography

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Check out Buddy Sears

I find Buddy’s work inspirational and stunningly beautiful. He’s just posted a novel idea on his RB page – adding ideas for interior design using his paintings – and it’s brilliant. I highly recommend you check it out – and get inspired as well. / Buddy Sears Studio
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Thanks to everyone who has viewed my stuff and favorited a few! It’s very humbling to be on the same site as some of you – I’m stunned at least once a day by an image that I wasn’t expecting. It’s just amazing. / A special thanks to the buyer of my Happy Christmas Tree card! Whoever you are, you are officially my first sale on the Bubble. That’s good Karma.
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