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I am infatuated with flow, space, movement, and hint. My art is abstract, sometimes tangential to a fleeting glimpse, sometimes imitation, and always a genuine extension of my perception.

My medium of choice (at the moment) is mostly acrylic, although I like to mix that up with watercolor (using hi flow acrylic as the ‘water’), and colored pencil.

I hope that my art brings enjoyment, wonder, puzzlement, warm fuzzies, or other similar emotional response.

Thank you for taking the time to look!

Here are my works in various groupings:

Painting on wood

Painting on canvas


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T-shirts repriced

I’ve done a little research and found that my markup was excessive for T-shirts – I noticed that several of my shirt designs had close to a thousand views and no sales… So, interpreting no sales and no feedback as to why as “too expensive” I’ve repriced to see if that makes a difference. :) — we’ll see
Posted about 5 years – 12 comments

Happy Mothers' Day!!

Here’s to all you wonderful mothers out there in the bubble!! Unsung heroes all – doing the hardest job ever – I salute you!
Posted about 5 years – 5 comments

Thank you Digital Wallpaper Designers Group

Thank you so much for featuring Carving Stone / I am honored :D
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Thank you "Paintings Modern and Beyond"

Wow! Thank you for featuring Tessellated Rhododendron / I am honored :D
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