Alan Rodmell

Alan Rodmell

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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I am an amateur photographer from Newcastle Upon tyne

I photograph anything I find interesting or beautiful.

All constructive criticism welcome!

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Not in a Funk anymore.....

I’m no longer in my Funk you’ll be pleased to hear. / I have found renewed inspiration in my photography by starting to build on my Photoshop CS3 skills. / I started covering old lessons and tutorials and found myself getting new ideas. I plan to take a week or two to stock up some new shots before I release them on RB. So I won’t be around too much until then. / I still stop …
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In a funk

Sorry to all my friends that I have not been as active on the bubble as usual. / I am in a bit of a photographic slump lately for some reason. I am fighting to pull myself out of it and start cranking out the work. / I am going to sort myself out this weekend I think so I apologise if I miss any of your work. I will make sure I catch up this weekend. / Wishing you all a productive week on the b…
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I have just stumbled across an amazing little application that makes viewing pics on websites an absolute experience. / Its called Piclens / All you need to do is install the browser add-on and then you can browse compatible sites in glorious 3D. It really is unbelievable. / I have a test link to a gallery on my website server (see my profile page) / Install Piclens plugin then take a look at th…
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Thank you to whoever

Thanks to the person who bought two cards of Come on In / As usual I don’t know who you are but thanks all the same. / A very nice surprise. / Alan
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