Anil Nene is a well known architect in Pune. He was born in 1958 in small town Malvan in Konkan region. He went to J. J. School of art in search of art education. He joined J. J. College of Architecture, Bombay. After passing out in 1980, he came to Pune and settled in Architectural practice. He got influenced by famous father – son artist pair Pratap mulick and Milind Mulick during architectural perspectives. Under their able guidance he started his stint with art in 2006. Since then he had been continuously sketching and painting in water colors and Acrylics. He has sold paintings in solo / group exhibitions in Pune and online through paintings websites. He has found connection between art, architecture and music – percussion. His paintings adore the walls of many Indians and his fans all over the world.

He wants to spread joy and happiness through his art. His art comprises mainly of nature – landscapes and flowers. He is in search of “SELF” through his expressions in Art, Architecture and Music. He believes all art is divine where he is merely a channel of its expression.

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  • Age: 56
  • Joined: August 2008



Mind can not comprehend mind / Where do I find solace? / How do I catch that / edge of the mist? / mind is full of droplets / balanced by waves and ripples / mind is full of stars / laid out in space / mind is spinning twirl / mind is oasis, mind is mystery / mind is cave, full of darkness / mind is temple of light / mind is devil’s hand / mind is god’s tiny feet / How do I hold thi…
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Colors and life

I always wondered what is our relation to colors? Sometimes a picture in gray or monochrome settings also looks good but then that is also a color. I think color and light are related. Color is energy and so is light. A painting full of vivid or vibrant colors energises us. Afterall what is life – it is energy and information…
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