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Mind can not comprehend mind
Where do I find solace?
How do I catch that
edge of the mist?

mind is full of droplets
balanced by waves and ripples
mind is full of stars
laid out in space
mind is spinning twirl
mind is oasis, mind is mystery

mind is cave, full of darkness
mind is temple of light
mind is devil’s hand
mind is god’s tiny feet
How do I hold this blazing sun
in my weak and torn body?

though no one has
ever seen its face,
there’s no proof of existence
other than this
How does one guarantee
this unknown connection?

Colors and life

I always wondered what is our relation to colors? Sometimes a picture in gray or monochrome settings also looks good but then that is also a color. I think color and light are related. Color is energy and so is light. A painting full of vivid or vibrant colors energises us. Afterall what is life – it is energy and information…