Hear the Hearings Heard

He drank a drink of drunken drankings
Smoked a pack of smoky smokings
Danced the dance of dancing dancers
Then died of most cancerous cancers

Awoke he was to awakened Awakening
To be judged in judgemental judgings
Smited he was with smitingly smitings
Doomed to dyingest of deaths dying

Such is the fated fate of the fated ones
To live as the living live to live their lives
Knowing they shall die the dying deaths
Yet laughing with their laughing laughs

They dwell within without dwelling on
the truths of true truthful truth-sayers
Starshine shines in shiny shinings shone
Cavorters cavortingly cavort through time

God godly gods over gods, true or false
Hoping in hopeful hopings to catch ears
Whispering whispery whisperings inside
No need to shout loud shouting shoutings

It can be hard to hear the heard hearings
For one who strips the stripping strippers
Whispers whispering are so whispery, so
Drowned out by the louder loud loudnesses

Be still as still can be stilled and still, then
Can be heard the hearings heard before
If one wishes to wish to wish to hear them
And yes, dear, they too, are very danceable

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Hear the Hearings Heard by 

It started out as just a reply to a comment from Marzguy .. .just babble. . but it was babble we liked, so there you go

You should read comments more often .. they can be quite inspiring!


cavorting, deaths, dying, fate, hopeful, shine, shouting, whisper, whispered

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