Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: Chapter 1 : Mysteries

In delving into the past of the fair land of Ordine, we must necessarily fall deep into the wellspring of both mystery and legend. It would behoove us, then, to take a little time to explore the question: What are mystery and legend?

There are mysteries of every description, in all locales and from every era. Some are old, some new, some frightening and some fairly mundane.

They come from everywhere imaginable. This is a point for immediate exploration as there has been no little difficulty getting this idea across to certain elements of society.

To put the matter as plainly as possible: There are no mysteries from any place unimaginable. There is nothing unimaginable.2 If it is something that truly defies the imagination then there are only two possible choices.

The first choice being that it is non-existent. If it is true that you think and therefore you are, then it is equally true that what you cannot think about is not.3

The other possibility being, if the first possibility does not explain it for you, that you are incapable of imagining and therefore, according to Descartes, you do not exist.4

There are mysteries that come from places you might not imagine, or that you would really rather not.5 For instance, there is the mystery of the leaps of illogic whole groups of persons take, which is more pondersome than most corner-sitting, philosophical, yak lovers would care to zen out over whilst contemplating.

To try to explain the logic of a group of people who would go about saying “America: love it or leave it.” is not that hard, one would think, yes? It hardly seems worthy of being called a mystery, at first glance.

Yet on closer observation what we would find is that these same people often speak badly of the sort of Americans who did that very thing, taking their advice and moving to Canada, leaving the country of their birth as they were not loving it, at the time.

We would also find that these same persons tend to speak equally badly of immigrants, legal or otherwise. Even though many of said immigrants only sought to move in and take the place of the ones who left, anyway.

“Communist scum!” they say about the hippies.

“Damn foreigners!” they say about the foreigners.6

“Just following orders!” say the hippies and the foreigners.

Can you explain the logic? There you see: a mystery! For while some mysteries are easily recognizes as the basis for a universally beloved tale, and others are confined to a certain sect, tribe, city, social, economic class, or even to a specific family, it is the fact of inexplicability that makes them what they are.

From ancient Egypt, the tombs of the Pharaohs beckon. True, many of those mysteries have been cleared up, such as:

Why all the weird pictures?

What’s that wall say, anyway?

How come that woman has a beard on?

What’s with the cat?

Yet there are many mysteries left to us, in regards to Egypt’s past.

Who were the Egyptians: what was their beginning?

What did they look like, in truth?

Why do we find sarcophagi filled with broken pottery?

From ancient Mexico, come legends concerning the skull of Nan: A crystal sculpted to resemble a human skull. While there are many theories as to it’s purpose and makers, there has been found no one who can explain, by fact, who sculpted this rare piece or the purpose for its creation.

There are very few person alive, in fact, out of those who have made a serious attempt to do so. This dangerous little bauble, the crystal skull of Nan, is said to have had a curse placed upon it.

Why? By whom was this curse placed? Those are more mysteries.

Of course, from the Middle East, there are the mysteries surrounding the life of Jesus Christ. Or, to rephrase that, there are the mysteries surrounding the start of Christianity, since those who believe in the Christ do not generally see anything in his life’s history that is not fairly self-explanatory. While those who do not believe in him do not wonder about the man near as often as they wonder what is wrong
with the minds of their “church going” neighbors.

In more recent years fresh mysteries, such as the disappearance of various planes and ships during what were supposed to be routine journeys, have surfaced. As an example, note the disappearance of aviatrix Amelia Earhart:

whom disappeared on July 2, 1937 whilst en route from Lae, New Guinea to Howland Island. This mystery remains unsolved despite over $4,000,000.00 in government funding, as well as untold private dollars, being given over to the search for both the lady and the answer to where she’s gone off to.

“….. to be continued …. ":

Chronicles of Ordine:Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy: Chapter 1 : Mysteries


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2 Along the way, here is something that I should like to get straight, as well: A tree falling in the forest does make a sound, whether anyone is there to hear it or not. If you believe in God, you should have no problem with this as the guy is big on laws and their upkeep. Also, if you believe in God, you know that it is highly unlikely that a tree fell without someone being there, since God is everywhere.

3 Apologies most humbly extended to all therapists who will now have to unexplain this their clients.

4 As for the one hand clapping thing, I knew a man who had been walking through the forest one day and met with a tragic accident involving a Walkman and a spruce tree which hadn’t noticed him walking by ; an accident that left him a one-handed nervous wreck. He had been a lumberjack and was convinced that the forest was now seeking revenge. He could, however, clap just fine. Only his clapping was a bit
quieter than everyone else; except for the no-handed individuals, the paralytics and the persons with a phobia against all forms of clapping. IF you have a problem with this or anything else I write, you may feel free to set the book down and put yourself in time out until the feeling passes.

6 Proving that some imaginations are easier to defy than others!

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