I’m 40, you know? Is that too old to regain some measure of health, regain some measure of my former figure, and go out and do the things I missed out on as a young woman? Such as dressing up, dating, reveling in my femininity?

Can it be done, or should I simply give it up as a dream now past? Should I listen to the people who say that if a woman can say she has 20 years experience at anything, she is too old to consider for anything but whether or not she has a daughter of a more datable age? Is it true, that a woman of the age of 40 and above has no chance of competing with the younger women for a man’s affections? That to try to look attractive in at all the same manner simply makes her look ridiculous?

Oh dear! I have some bad news for you. See, I am told that sort of thing, ofren, and I didn’t really believe it, but, I thought I’d go and do some research online to find out the truth of how women over the age of 40 are viewed, how ridiculous they make themselves when they vamp themselves up like they did as teenagers and young adults. The news is bad, for some, and the truth may be shocking to many women who are as old as I am., or older.

If you click on this link., or this link , you are going to see a senior citizen in tight white clothing, made up and stretching, just as if she believed women over the age of 70 were capable of still being attractive in the same way that a woman of 20-30 could!

This link, will take you to another image of an elderly woman, with her teeth hanging out of her face, almost as much as her elderly breast are out of her tight dress.

If you click on this link, you’ll see a woman who is so overweight that a female of her size, in this day and age, in American especially, would be classified as obese. Her thighs are round and jiggly, her abdomen soft and while it does have a little bit of a waistline, her figure could never be considered ‘hourglass’ in its natural state.

The links above all lead to images of the same woman, a woman who had this to say of herself:

“I can’t bear being seen nude. I’m not exactly a tiny woman and when Sophia Loren is naked, there is a lot of nakedness.”

Yes, the news is very bad, for the young women who have themselves some stiff competition, with women who are devastatingly gorgeous, as well as more confident and experienced; it’s bad for men who want to judge a woman’s worth by age or waist size, too! Because, there is a lot more, under heaven and earth, than are dreamed of in their philosophies!

Sophia Loren, again: Over 70!

Carine Roiteld, over 40!

Ellen Barkin, 53!

Virginia Madsen, 44

Oprah Winfrey, over 40! And, just to make the point that it is really never too late to change:

Oprah Winfrey, under 40!

Sade, 49

Pamela Anderson, 41!

Eva Lorenzotti, over 40!

Diane Lane, 43!

Rachel Welch, no idea but relatively the same age as Sophia Loren! Yes, I know she had a ton of plastic surgery. Like young women never do? Please!

Princess Caroline, 44!

Jeniffer Beals, over 40! Strangely enough, I found this on a site for beautiful black women over 40. I didn’t know she is black; did you? Not that I thought about it much!

Kyra Sedgwick, 42

Sarah Palin; no idea of her age, but, it’s over 40!

Joan Allen, 51!

Jennifer Aniston, over 40!

Michelle Pfeiffer, 49!

Joanne Lumley, born 1946 and a Bond girl in 1969. So, for those of you who ever wondered what became of those gorgeous little bits of crumpet, I can tell you that this one has over 40 years of experience as a comic actress under her belt; and, has stayed fresh and yummy throughout a very long career of being ever so much more than a girl in a tight dress or a small bikini!

Halle Berry, 41!

Diane Sawyer, obviously over 40 and too old to be seen on the news!

Iman, 53!

Patricia Duff, over 40!

Stacey Dash, over 40!

Bernadette Peters, 60!

Nicole Kidman, 40.. at least, allegedly. I say this, because I really thought she was an adult in movies when I was a teenager, and I’m 40. Anyway, at least 40, she is, and pretty with it! Viva La Moulin Rouge!

It’s also pretty bad for thin women that think they have it over all normal sized, rubenesque, or downright obese woman. Cases in point:

Queen Latifah

Delta Burke; who, by the way, is 51!

Emme, BBW model who recreates a pose based on a painting from back when artwork was more about capturing the beauty of the real.

Sophie Dahl!

America Ferrar, who was voted one of the most unattractive women on television in Maxim magazine due to her role in Ugly Betty. Which teaches us what about acting, confidence, subterfuge, and stupid perceptons of people who don’t understand how much a simple things like haircuts, clothing, and different makeup can make all the difference between “ewww” and “wow”?

Countess Vaughn

Toccara Jones if I spelled her first name correctly.)

And, lest we ever forget:

Marilyn Monroe

Eh, did I say Mariyn Monroe, aka:

Big Butt Norma Jean? The lady about whom, when I told him why people thought she killed herself because she was getting too old, wrinkled and fat, a young man said to me “Well, she had a point! She was fat, and, as soon as she got to be 30, no one would have looked at her anyway!”

Why, yes! Yes, I did!

Speaking of big butts, check out this one!

Ann Margaret, way back in 1969, doing for “overweight” women what they should have been doing for themselves, all along; looking good!

Yes, Ann Margaret: Terrible, isn’t it, the way they used to let fat women out of the house?

And, just to be fair, because this is not so much about what size a woman is, but, about challenging perceptions, here’s a picture of a woman who, at the start of her modeling career, challenged the pieces out of the Western perception of what is and is not beautiful:


What I learned from my research is that, in the majority, the people who talk the loudest about what makes women sexy, or what doesn’’t, are usually speaking loudly,out of their own insecurities. Yet, they cannot drown out the quieter voices, who don’t scream out their opinions, don’t beat people over the head with their desires, but, whom simply go about watching movies and television shows, enjoying the models, etc. that they like; and, so, make their statements by actual amount and length of popularity of the people who do not fit what is, allegedly, the way they should look, but, who are wanted for what they actually are.

So,ladies, regardless of how big your age or waist size numbers are, strap on those garter belts, and hit the road running! You’re gorgeous, just as you are!

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  • linaji
    linajiabout 6 years ago

    I really liked this Arletta.. really really good info and this made me feel good!!

  • Good! Always glad when I can help make someone feel good!

    – Arletta

  • Simon Duckworth
    Simon Duckworthabout 6 years ago

    Thank you my dear Arletta a very informative and visual treat… cough cough.. joking aside, you have written a very good piece of work and I commend you for that. As a gentleman of 49, yes the younger figured woman is a treat to the eye,, BUT ! the maturer woman has sooooo much goign for them, they are often much wiser, often dress more provocatively and know how to enjoy themselves in a way that is much more mature. I like woman of my age, they are fun and have better figures than those ladies that can hide behind a lamp post and not be found, so well done on your well researched piece of work..

  • lol Thank you! And,yes, well .. old boys and young men are,likewise,nice to look at. They are rather boring for anything else, though, more often than not.

    – Arletta

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadabout 6 years ago

    I’d hit on you… ; )

  • Uh mm.. I thought you already did? Hmm .. don’t make me have to go check my old email files! lol

    Thank you!

    – Arletta

  • Anita Inverarity
    Anita Inverarityabout 6 years ago

    Great stuffs Arletta :)))))))) I’ll be back- wiggling my big fat 40 something ass HA!

  • Go girl! Dance, dance, give us a spin!

    – Arletta

  • Cherie Roe Dirksen
    Cherie Roe Dir...about 6 years ago

    Well written, Arletta. Very entertaining and inspiring, I can’t wait to reach 40 now…bring it on!

  • Thank you.

    – Arletta

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadabout 6 years ago

    Shushhhhh! ; )

  • Is that an order?

    – Arletta

  • S .
    S .about 6 years ago

    i loled at sarah palin,
    and stacy dash – WOW
    but then again all these women are rich and take redic good care of themselves
    the only REAL thing that slows down aging is a calorie restriction diet

    damn now i am feeling old

  • Sarah Palin is a very beautiful, intelligent, confident women and therefore is no one to lol about, when it comes to women 40 or older who are attractive. Don’t confuse likes, dislikes, or politics, with facts!

    And, no: calorie restricting diets are more likely to age a person than not. However, cutting out sugar, allergens, and stress are more likely to keep you fit and healthy. The idea that calorie restriction for women is a good idea, past a certain point, is outmoded. Women are not men and should not eat like them or attempt to look like them, nor be treated by the medical profession as if they are men!

    Women need to eat like women should eat. Which is about health – bone density, ability to bear children, cushioning for their wider hips which are thrown more out of alignment as they mature and therefore need more protection. Those things happen when a diet is well balanced, lots of fruits and vegetables, good fats, etc.

    You can eat fairly low calorie, mind, and get all those things, but, when the emphasis is on numbers, not nutrition, it usually turns out badly!

    Also, I have been ill most of my life, and have aged quite rapidly. Which is why, a few years ago, people stopped asking my youngest son if I was his 17 year old sister.

    Never been on a calorie restrictive diet in my life, and never been rich or prone to using skin care products, either.

    It is true, that for some women, being rich and using the proper products helps. But, again, such things as lack of stress and eating right help more!

    – Arletta

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadabout 6 years ago

    You do not take orders very well… however you do command my attention.

  • lol I’ve always taken orders well, by anyone who knew equally well how to give them. But, thank you!

    – Arletta

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadabout 6 years ago

    I will remember that when the times comes for me to __________ you around. ; )

  • lol all this prompt delivery of packages has given you a swelled head! Err.. that sounded bad!

    Well, I should have expected that. I’ve been saying odd accidentally double-entendres and bad puns all day!

    – Arletta

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadabout 6 years ago

    Accidental double entendres are the best ones of all…

  • sigh Do something for me? Go and read something, or look at something, I’ve done – and make a comment about it. Good or bad, I don’t care – so long as it has something to do with why you like it, or the work put into it, or etc.

    And, yes, I remember your lovely post of a wee while ago, of my artwork. Still and all, please to go and make a serious comment. I like the other kind too, but, every now and again, a serious comment about the art, it is good!

    Mm hmm!

    – Arletta

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