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Styling yourself against another, you call them enemy
Same flesh, same blood, same bone, same Earth
Pointing your flames, your guns, you put holes in he
Same laugh, same tears, same worries, same fears
Little recognizing behind pleading fear, the bravery
Same source, same water, same hearing, same vein
The fear is for you, as they plead for your humanity
Same breath, same heart, same liver, same spleen
In great humility, it will be done, whatever best can be
Same spirit, same pride, same love, same need
To keep you, their blood and bone, from this brutality

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Somewhat in explanation of Christian principles, rightly used. Not just Christian principles, you understand, because others have them, too; but, definitely ones Christians should have.

We are all one – not as in all paths lead to the same destination, as that would be silly and no one would bother traveling, if it were so. We are all one race, one people, with one creator. Borders, locks on doors, policemen, those are needed only because of how easily people are led astray in forgetting that. We are not our enemy, we are one race: human, bonded together by blood, flesh, bone, spirit, and purpose. The enemies are those who would have us think otherwise.


  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadover 6 years ago

    We are indeed one race, but a race divided and pit against each other. Often as a result of different belief systems, and scant resources. This is going to get worse…

  • Well, I know it’s going to get worse, dearheart. I told you I read the Holy Scriptures and believe in God; so, of course I know that.

    I wish I had written the poem down, when it first occurred to me, as it would have probably more aptly answered what you just said. If it helps, I shall tell you this.

    The movie, The Beast, was on. It’s about a Russian tank being lost in the Afghan desert. I think it was Afghanistan, anyway. That’s how I remember it. I didn’t watch the whole thing, and there was a crying baby to contend with during the parts I did watch.

    Russian soldiers took a man and laid him under the tank tracks, and were questioning him. Women came to plead for his life. The commander told the interpreter that he wanted them all to watch. Then he forced the driver of said tank to run over the man.

    This is when the first version of the poem was created, in my mind, and in response to certain thoughts. Namely, not only of the cruelty of what they did to that man and those women, but, of what they did to each other and their own selves.

    That’s the point of it. You know, sometimes people refuse to fight, sometimes people allow themselves to be enslaved, and it’s not for the reason that seems most likely to the sort of people who would attack and enslave. Sometimes they really do decide that the enslavement of their own, is better than the dehumanization of the others that would occur if the warfare continued. Though, generally, it’s on a smaller scale.

    One time, I saved my life, and I know that I saved it. I know that the person would have killed me. I wasn’t trying to save my life, though. I mean, there was a flash of that thought, at the beginning, as, of course, it’s a good idea, generally. But, after I was dead, I would no longer care. What struck me was that the person with the gun was going to have to live with it. And, he was not the type who could have done. He would have gone weird from the memory and turned into a complete madman, or killed himself, or something horrible. It took him a while to understand, in fact it was his friend who showed up to see if he had done it yet, who understood and explained to him what I meant when I told him to find someone else. He thought, at first, I meant that he should let me go and find someone else to kill in my place. I meant, though, and his friend understood because he was the right kind of someone else who could have handled it, that he should find someone else to do it, if it must be done – someone who could survive it. So, there I was, pleading with a cold blooded killer, his friend, for the life of the man who was holding a gun on me. He, the real killer, let his friend go; and, he was so touched by my mercy for his friend, that he let me go, too.

    That was a long time ago, but, for reasons I think should be obvious, it is still something that comes to mind, often. It was not the only incident in my life of similar circumstances.

    I’ve had disagreements with persons of differing backgrounds that could have led to extreme violence or death, because they felt very strongly about their borders and parameters, they were used to being threatened, and they were ready and willing to defend themselves against a perceived enemy. However, luckily, they were intelligent and aware enough to listen, and to realize, that I never considered them an enemy of any sort.

    We are all in this together – the world is full of the children of God Yes, some of them are insane, some are bastards, some have run away from home, and that’s a reason for their behavior .. but, I know that they are all created by the same God, I know that we are all the same race, and that is a reason for my behavior. When someone points a gun at me, I am vitally concerned for their well being, because things have obviously gone very wrong for them.

    That doesn’t mean I would not protect myself, if I could, and as needed. It means, I would never think it was alright to kill them, never try to kill them. i would always try not to, as best as I could, given what freedom they allowed me to act in that capacity.

    If that means ending up in a concentration camp, as is loomingly likely, well .. I can’t say I’d enjoy it But, Id like it better than killing other people.

    – Arletta

  • lightsmith
    lightsmithover 6 years ago

    Beautiful and so true.
    One thing only would I think to add.

    Same Heaven, Same Earth, Same God, Same Prayers,

  • Thank you.

    I was going to put something like that, but, well, in some respects that is not true. I mean, to me, and to God, it is obviously true that there is only the one God, only the one Heaven, only the one Earth, and we should all be praying to Him, and only HIm, etc. But, despite that I believe this, and other people believe it, and God believes it, many people have many other gods whom they pray to in their differing fashions.

    It still does not make them my enemy – because, I do believe, the majority of them, if they knew the truth, would choose to do what is right. I believe the majority of them would also prefer peace, and neighbors that are also comfortable.

    Thanks for your comment. I think I now have a bit of a crush on you .. as a person, I mean. You’ve really impressed me, rather quickly.

    – Arletta

  • ufosIsee
    ufosIseeover 6 years ago

    Way to bring forth reality.. Does not matter the many faiths of any man or woman, Only that we all share one word……..LOVE. And share one goal. Helping all in UNITY…… Lovely read my dear..

  • Thank you, very kindly.

    – Arletta

  • lightsmith
    lightsmithover 6 years ago

    I guess the thing that struck me most was the image of two opposing sides, both praying for victory to the same God (especially the case for example in WWII).

    You are correct though, in that in many cases wars ARE fought for different Gods. I am not speaking here of religious wars as such (much could be argued either way there) but in terms of war for oil, war for land, for water, for ecconomics and so forth. False gods, in every sense.

  • YES! You get it! All those things are false gods, and they are all there to keep people distracted from finding the true God. That’s the majority of what demons do. Yes, sure, they can and do pretend to be ghosts and inspire serial killers, but, what they do best is to blind people to their true enemy by showing them false ones.

    If a man wants to kill you, he is not your enemy. His desire is. Which is, also his enemy. That’s why the Holy Scriptures say to pray for your enemy. You have to love them, and understand that they are lost. It doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself, that you have to allow them to do whatever they will . .but, it does change the emphasis on things. If you are praying for your enemy, then they no longer are your enemy .. they are your concern.

    I figured it out a long time ago, with my ex-husband. Someone asked me, if I could have anything happen to him that I wanted to happen, what would it be. Now, from some points of view, it would be wise to wish badness on him, because it would make my life easier, and definitely it would have done for my children. But, I thought about it, deeply and honestly, and the deeper I got into thinking about it, the more clear it became that what I really wanted, if I could have anything, is for him to be happy, healthy in body and mind,and able to be a good father to his children, and to know God. That’s the ultimate. And, that is what I would want for everyone – if they had those things, there would be happiness, world wide, even if still in a state of certainty of death and taxes.

    – Arletta

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadover 6 years ago

    I don’t think I would think long and hard about whether or not to defend myself using deadly force. I pretty much am designed to do just that. If I have a chance I will take it. I do not hate men, I just can’t live with torment.

  • LindaMcCarthy
    LindaMcCarthyover 6 years ago

    So beautifully expressed, and I completely agree with you.

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