Have a Heart For Henry

Have A Heart, for Henry 7 30 2008

Remember the Tin Man? Sure you do. He’s part of one of the best read, most watched stories ever. Many is the time when just about every single eye around has watched him as children, as adults too, as he stood wishing for a heart, and most of those eyes weren’t dry. Were yours?

Henry Andrew Greene isn’t made out of tin. He’s a little baby boy, born on February 19, 2008. His story isn’t fiction, it isn’t fun, but his need sounds oh so familiar: he could be young and chipper, if he only had a heart.

Henry was born with a missing pulmonary valve, a large hole leading from the upper chamber to one of the lower chambers, and abnormal positioning of his heart, That wasn’t his only problem, nor will it be in the future.

It’s a miracle Henry is even alive. He had quadruple bypass surgery on April 24th, he will need ongoing care and more surgeries to replace his heart valve every 3 to 5 years., and he has both Autism and Deletion Syndrome. He’s going to go through pains and troubles, and so will his family, right there beside him, fighting for him for years to come.

Some persons, who have all their organs but no spiritual heart, might say that he is a lost cause. Yet, those who believe in the power of prayer, of good deeds, of a just God, and of that can do spirit that pervades humankind, know better. If you have a heart, a truly human heart, you know there is no such thing as a lost cause so long as there is still a shred of hope contained within.

The Greene family, who have been blessed with Henry being given into their lives, are a hard working mining family, regular joe’s as used to be said. They aren’t Saints, they aren’t rich, but they do have heart and they have poured their hearts into the challenge of caring for this special little boy who needs so much help. Eddie and Serina are the names of Henry’s parents. They are not part of some remote piece of fiction, to read and put away on the shelf. They are real people, with real need, who have lived here with you, worked beside you, shopped at your places of employment, and made their family a part of the same community as you’ve made yours.

The community is being asked to come together for it’s own, and to help out these two overwhelmed parents who have to deal with the financial burden of this crisis as well as all the pain in their own hearts as they have to watch their son struggle with the problems he has with his.. Henry’s parents, and so many others, have been working so hard to make this happen. They have sold meals, made bracelets, they have arranged benefit entertainments, and done so much already. It is to be hoped that once you read this story, your heart will be touched and you, too, will want to be a part of the sharing and giving of a community pulled together out of love and necessity.

Prayers are asked for and would be appreciated. Any help that you can give will be appreciated. However, most especially, donations sent to Henry Andrew Greene Benefit Fund C/O Pinal County Federal Credit Union, P.O Box 969, Florence, AZ 85232. will be appreciated, because, in the end, that’s what stands between Henry having a heart and not.

Now, we’ve all seen the movie, so we know what the Tin Man would do if he only had a heart. Henry is a baby, so we can guess what he’d do, if he only had a heart. He’d grow, he’d learn, he’d love. What would you do if you had a heart? Wear it on your sleeve? Use it to open your wallet? Satisfy it with a nice game of golf on a sunny day, with friends an family?

Golf? Yes, golf. More specifically, a Benefit Golf Tournament, 3 Man Scramble, at the Hayden Golf Course on August 2. For $40.00 per person, have fun that will be a benefit to all, heart wise and otherwise, as you enjoy the day, walk the course, and help Henry all at the same time Sign in is at 7: AM with a shotgun start at 8:00 AM. There’ll be music, food, drinks, a 50/50 raffles, prizes for longest putt, closest pin, and longest drive, plus much much more..
For more information on the golf tournament, please call Eddie Gonzales at 520-896-2653, Ray Lopez at 520-356-6149, or Rodney Lawson at 520-483-3311. For more information on Henry Greene, and how to help out, visit the website at : http\\\ or email at

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This is a re-post, due to some seriously off topic comments. Now, if they had been written to the editorial staff of the newspaper this article was written for, they would have been on topic, but they did not address anything to do with why this article was posted on Red Bubble.

So, let me be clear on this: This is an article written for a small town newspaper that is mostly only read by a small, tight-knit community. I wrote it, at the behest of my Editor, in a style that would suit such an atmosphere and which would acknowledge and encourage the family and volunteers, while more fully informing people who saw the fliers around town and already knew something was up. Since it was written for them, and not for you, I really don’t care how you would respond to the style of writing. Nor do I think it is appropriate for you to tell me that it should be rewritten in a style that would not suit the persons it was written for, but which would suit you.

I posted it here, because it is a full, if short, article that was based on a couple of fliers and written by me, a person who does not know the community and who does not know the situation, and who does not enjoy this sort of writing .. and it was done very well and was very well received by the community. Therefore, it is proof of not only an ability to write, in the first place, but of diversity within that skill.

If you must criticize, good or bad, then please do so on the merits of the writing itself and not on whether you personally approve of the message, which, let me remind you again, was written for the people of Mammoth, Oracle, and San Manuel, Arizona and not for you.

Unless, of course, you are from there! Then go for your life!


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  • Anne van Alkemade
    Anne van Alkemadealmost 6 years ago

    Good article, Arletta. Hope there’s heaps of support for bubby.

  • That would, indeed, be nice. I don’t know him, his family, and am not personally involved, though, so I couldn’t say. At least, not until and unless I get assigned to write an article thanking everyone for their support and making a success of things. That’d be nice. Me, personally, I couldn’t support my way out of a paper hat!

    Thank you for the compliment.

    – Arletta

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