This is me, sick and tired, and trying to think. I should submit this to myth and legend, as I am one, but there is nothing mythical about my illness. Well, it might be legendary, though!

And, no, for the record! I do not have a mustache; that’s a shadow, which is the sort off thing that happens when a person has lips that are less thin than a pancake. Honestly!


  • Alan Findlater
    Alan Findlaterover 6 years ago

    Poor blue you

  • Could be worse! I could have a mustache!

    – Arletta

  • scott allison
    scott allisonover 6 years ago

    good point… i hope you feel better.

  • Thank you. That’s just sweet!

    – Arletta

  • Byronanarchy
    Byronanarchyover 6 years ago

    Guess I get to b e the first to say it KEWL! Woman, you are GORGEOUS! Sure the photo is cool too but those eyes and lips drive me wild and you know it.

    Read the thing beside it to. Does that count?

  • mmm hmmm and please to note that you are the ONLY one who said it, not the first to comment. So there! But, thank you!

    – Arletta

  • amarica
    amaricaover 6 years ago

    Hope you feel better soon. It sucks to feel this way. I can remember hiding in my bed for hours refusing to get up because I was sick and tired. But, eventually that gets old and I would rather be happy than blue. God bless you and cheer you up soon. xxxxx

  • Oh, it’s alright, sweetie. I’m chronically ill, so I often feel like that. Sometimes worse than others, if someone with a cold or flu happens by, and that sucks. Tired, welll, that’s pretty normal. Thank you for the kind thoughts, though.

    – Arletta

  • Mark Ramstead
    Mark Ramsteadover 6 years ago

    I happen to think this a good picture of you…

  • Thank you! Now excuse me whilst I contemplate … to blush? To copy and paste this comment and send it to everyone? To demand a notarized statement that says so? hmmmm lol

    – Arletta

  • Larasolnishko
    Larasolnishkoover 6 years ago

    you are beautiful and nostalgic, very lovely picture of you…

  • Oh my! … thank you.

    – Arletta

  • Sarai
    Saraiover 6 years ago

    Stay strong Arletta. I, too, suffer from a crippling disease that causes severe chronic pain every second of every day. Some days are better than others. Some days I actually believe I’m well. I keep praying and hanging on…Through prayer to the Mighty Physician, Jesus, I have overcome 3 dreadful diseases, multiple internal tumours, people poisoning me over the last 8 years. I have only beaten the depression of being so sick and tired only these last 6 months. I have a Thank You letter to all the RB’ers who encouraged me these last months on my site amongst my writings. I have to leave the house to get to the blasted computer and internet to participate in RB. It gave me the desire to take pictures, which I had forgotten about, and motivated me to say NO!!! I won’t give in!!! I’ll continue to pray that a miracle happens for you. I see too much life in your beautiful picture. May your heart be strengthened and may you find the truth about Faith.

    With Love and Understanding,


  • That’s sweet.. and nice .. and awful. lol Who poisoned you? Someone poisoned me, but I cannot prove a thing. Carbon monoxide poisoning, it was. And what is this disease? I mean, if you don’t mind talking about it. I’m in pain all the time, too ..and let me tell you, those “How do you feel on a scale of 1 -10” pain charts are bogus Because, quite frankly, if I had a 1, I’m pretty sure it would still be a perfectly healthy persons 7, at least. Just because a person can take more pain than another person, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel it.

    There’s a machine they can use to measure pain. When I was a kid, they hooked me up to it, during school for part of a school program where they were traveling about telling people about new inventions and etc. Then they decided that the machine was broken, because they said it was impossible for someone to be in that much pain and still standing, much less skipping about and jumping rope. But, I had been telling people I was in pain for years, and the machine was right for everyone else! And the pain has increased a lot, since then. Though it’s now better than it used to be. Mainly because my sinuses are not as badly infected as they used to be and I learned to avoid dairy like the plague it is (in my life). Blah blah blah ..

    Anyway, your comment was sweet and inspirational. I’m sorry you are in pain, but I’m glad you understand.

    – Arletta

  • Sarai
    Saraiover 6 years ago

    I have goosebumps…Your words merge into the center of my heart and soul. I could prove who poisoned me, but, they were crooked law enforces who protected the evil soul who attempted to end my life. I was poisoned by my pain medication being reproduced with a lethal poison, anti-freeze placed in my drinks and my food, and many more tactics. All at the same time. I have a purpose for Christ and I’m not easily killed, obvious now…
    My disease is Spinal Degenerative Disease. It causes arthritis in the joints of my bones and the bone weakens and eventually crumbles, leaving the afflicted permanently crippled. Unless they find ways to place entire spines in a person there is no man-made cure. I have had it since I was a child. I lived with pain always too. But, I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 22 and my lower disc ruptured. They treated me like I was nothing…perform a surgery that took out the middle section of the broken disc and sewed me back up like a suitcase. Nothing was ever done about the spinal disease. Through my own research I have learned that it does not only affect the spine, but ALL of your bones, your joints and eventually, your muscular tissues. Find a place, dear Arletta for your faith. I have been bedridden for 8 loooong years. Only this year, honestly-after discovering RB did I just get “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired”. I understand how they treat you on that stupid 1-10 scale. Is there a hundred and One I always ask….? Just because I make myself endure doesn’t mean the pain is not agonizing. What choices do I have? Lay down and die? Ain’t happening.
    You mentioned your sinuses. What kind of pain do you suffer from? I ask, because, even though it is my bones, the kinds of foods and liquids I drink tend to make the pain worse on the days I consume them. I noticed this just here recently.

    Hope this isn’t too long, but if it helps you or even one other person I can go on as long as necessary. My heart goes out to you dear child. I have put you on the top of my prayer list. I will pray that Jesus sends His Grace to you. Sometimes that is in Healing, sometimes that is in giving you the strength to walk the path with you ailment and find the purpose of the damned thing. You have helped me with your wonderful, expressionistic art and your soulful openness.

    Love you dear,

  • Exactly! Lay down and die ain’t happening and there is no other choice, so of course, you can put up with immense amounts of pain – you HAVE to.

    I’m sorry! That sounds so awful. Well, in a way .. in other ways, hm .. how do i say this? I have learned that pain and suffering, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. If you have never had so much as a broken bone, then a nasty bruise can be horror to endure. However, to Jackie Chan that was just part of his day job!

    I have a lot of problems with my sinuses because of allergies. I know I have big time problems with milk, but not absolutely which part of milk or why, as I have not been tested.

    I think you might think I’m younger than I am, the way you write sometimes lol I give that impression, a lot. Which is funny, as it used to be just the opposite.

    Sorry but I have to finish and go back to work. I’ll pray for you,too.

    – Arletta

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