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Alone again, naturally

For some reason, probably thanks to demonically possessed software, around the time I asked Simon (not Duckworth) the Englishman a question that I very much did not like the answer to, this song has been cropping up on LastFm far too often.It’s a beautiful song, and I love this man’s voice, but, oh my goodness the pain. It doesn’t help people who would prefer not to cry, I can tell you.It is, even though I have not experienced all the things of whence he sings, a very understandable song, however. Always has been. For reasons that are very hard to explain, and sound a lot more like arrogance than they should when I try, I’ve mostly been alone, again, all my life.Mostly alone – and mostly again – because one meets persons and feels that wonderful promis…

I've made a decison of sorts, but, now not quite sure how to implement it

Here’s my thoughts: What are the biggest objections to digital art?

I mean, once you get past the silliness about it not taking any talent, or effort, which is just ridiculous.. for those of us who do have talent and make the effort, that is. They are two-fold (and the same ones as people have for photography and print making, though that seems to have been forgotten over the years).

1. There is no original. Actually, with print making, there always is an original, but, that was still an objection people had. Of course, same with digital and photographic arts – one is always first! But, the point is that there is no original in the same way as there is an original oil painting.

2. There is no guarantee, specifically because there is no original, that the market will not get i…