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June 03, 2009 Age, features, and books

Tomorrow, my eldest daughter is officially an old lady: 20!

Do not say those birthday happiness things, if you please, as I don’t like birthday celebrations (though I do love cake!)

However, feel free to tell her how to get a modeling contract, that is both legitimate and cheap to pursue, so that she can take care of her mother in her, and her mother’s, old age! lol

Cosmic Dancer was featured in T"HE SISTERHOOD": about 13 hours ago I know this ,because I got a notice that told me so. Besides, it is still being featured, right this minute!

What else? Oh yes, books:

Chronicle of Ordine: Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy is on, for sale. It can also be found at, wherein so can Reggie The Evil Milkshake: Volume…

Confusing, but, exciting!

I got this in an email today:

Dear Lulu Author,

Congratulations, your book has been selected for listing on’s Marketplace! As a result, your book will now be easily found on the world’s largest online bookseller.

There will be some differences between your listing on Lulu and your listing on Amazon. Amazon charges a fee to list your book, and in order to cover that cost your book will be listed with a 30% markup; however your royalty will remain the same, and your book’s price on Lulu will not change. Furthermore, your book sales on Amazon will reflect in your Lulu account immediately.

Lulu is committed to helping you increase your book’s sales and we hope you enjoy the benefits of listing your book on

Kind regards,


So, that’s g…

It's a strange feeling

Hitler’s Art

You know, he really wasn’t that bad. I saw other things of his, before, where I could see why he would be rejected, but, these are just not that bad.

The man could have been an artist, after all.

To think, all that might have been avoided, by someone being less snobbish about who they let in the academy. I wonder if the academy was run by someone Jewish? That could explain a lot.

No, it would not excuse anything, just explain it better.

And, of course, it might not have changed anything, if he was accepted. Or, not enough, that is; but, yeah, it might have.

How sad!

Woo hoo The best feature of them all

No offense to anyone, but, this one really made me smile.

Jenkins is featured, as of yesterday, in the Masterpieces: Literary Workshop

This is so cool! Almost as cool, or maybe as cool, as when I was actually asked to wordsmith something by my boss.

Mind you, Shakespeare is THE wordsmith, so, if someone calls you that, or implies that it is what you are, they are elevating you up by several categories. Big high in that kind of goings on!

Religious sitings, paintings, and why is Jesus potrayed as a white man

I’ve heard many questions, over the years, as to why Jesus, his mother, etc. are automatically portrayed as caucasian, why Jesus usually has blue eyes in the movies, etc. This is the answer, and also something to provide a bit of thought in regards to what people have really “discovered” when they have “discovered the image of Jesus in a scorch mark on a tortilla” or the “image of the Virgin Mary in the sheen of an oil slick”.


Most of the artists who painted images of the alleged Virgin Mary (read Galatians 1:19), Jesus, God, the Apostles, and etc. were commissioned by a certain family, or a certain religious figure.

Most of the artists were white, at least as compared to many other ethnic groups, lived amongst predominantly white people, …

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