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To lightsmith

Things I have written, fairly recently, which are, obviously, based on Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens; but, which have also, obviously, taken a weird turn. lol

This is only a rough draft and I may add a lot to it, on either end or straight through the middle. I’d be glad to hear your impressions, feelings, critique, or etc.

To me, currently, it is lacking. I am still feeling my way through the story, so, I don’t feel any deep connection to it. Usually, I just write what is there in me, without trying to formulate it to absolutely resemble or follow anything. In the end, I may abandon the project, take what is written and run mad with it (thought not in the streets), in my own way and time, but, I am trying to discipline myself in this way.

Also, I may add some stuff tha…

Chaos has balls (rough draft)

The first two lines are pretty much part of a strange conversation, with a little addition to make them a conversation in a story. The rest I wrote yesterday, while my internet was down. (7-30-2012)

“It takes a lot of balls to throw that in my face, doesn’t it?”, she barked.
“Why? Do you want my balls in your face?”, Chaos asked, looking at her quizzically.
“Oh, that is just .. oh… you are .. ugh!” she replied, amidst a violently flouncing departure.
“V!”, shouted Chaos. “Now where is that servant of mine? V? V!” he continued.
“Sire?” interjected Servant V, cutting his master off in mid-bellow.
“V, what is it you have lied to me about and why, when it comes to juggling?” demanded Chaos. “Because, for some reason, that girl has a problem with my balls, in her face or otherwise.”

Chaos Theory (beginning, rough draft)

Chaos theory, refers to a field of mathematical study which explores the behavior of dynamical systems which are sensitive to initial conditions. Small differences created within those initial conditions, such as those due to rounding errors in mathematical computations, may cause outcomes that are widely divergent from those otherwise expected. The effect of a small change at one place in a nonlinear system which may result in large differences to a later state is known as the butterfly effect. The end result of which would be chaotic systems that render long-term predictions impossible to guarantee the results of. This has applications in philosophy, economy, physics, engineering and biology.

Chaos practice refers to the actions of an enigmatic demi-god who sprang from nowhere noticeable…

Foisty Banyon (a bit of Ordine)

Chapter 1

“Well, my frightened little puppets. Stand up and be counted.” Chaos ordered, grinning manically toward the young cadets.

The cadets did their best not to contradict him with their body language, by standing woodenly; allowing their faces to be wreathed in painted on smiles which failed to reach either their eyes or his heart; and sagging, somewhat in the posture department.

Since they already were standing, and it was not up to them who counted what or when, they knew not what else to do. So, they stood some more, which may not sound like so much, to some; but, if those some ever tried to stand before Chaos when he was in this particular mood, it would suddenly seem like much, indeed.

It wasn’t so much his grin which made the cadets want to skedaddle, though it was a pa…

The Long Ta Ta

I am leaving Red Bubble, as I have found it to be a source of heartbreak, backstabbing and intrigue far more than a community of friendly people or a source of inspiration.

It is taking me a very long time to do so, however, as I am doing things, such as going through my favorites list and tweeting them to my friends and family, before going.

Part of what might take me a while is figuring out what to do, when Red Bubble owes me a few cents and I have to earn at least so many dollars to receive a check. Need to see what they say about Pay Pal, as I have forgotten what it is.

Afterward, once all my stuff is off this site, I might return in some less involved capacity, just to stay in touch with the few people I met who are friendly and who do have time for me in more than thanking me for…

The artistry of fine English Cashmere

I find my inspiration where I find it, as I believe most artist do. It can be in a sight, a site, a taste, a texture, a whispered promise, a booming note, or ….

Admittedly, mostly for my own entertainment, I have decided to begin a series of journal entries based on my window shopping experiences, which are often a great source of inspiration, as I am inundated with color, style, promise of texture, and allowed to dream of refurbishing, redecorating, enhancing a wardrobe, using a tool, spreading a new paint onto new canvas …

Recently, I visited a site called Pure Collection, a collective of English cashmere experts, which is purely beautiful. Their site is geared toward customers, who enjoy classic clothing, but, also, a hint of the exotic; in that, what they sell is not going …

A wee bit, just wrote

It’s not enough to even post as a rough draft, so I am posting it here, instead of in writing. I just wrote this (11-07-2010) rather quickly, and inspired by reading that Claire Danes (who seems to have gotten better looking, again!) is the daughter of a painter and a photographer.

Mind you, it is not about her, but, inspired by her photo and this wee bit of knowledge of her. That, and, just that I needed to write something that was not a blog, not silly, not romantic angst.

It was only natural that this little being should be a tiny parcel of sheer beauty, born of parents whom had spent so much of their lives – the mother a painter, the father a photographer – drinking in beauty with their eyes. You are what you eat, and did they not devour the glory of earth, nature, world, and ea…

I just read the best story today

It was a brilliantly written piece by Lightsmith Full of a supreme elegance, not of characters, but of tailoring words to suit the mind’s eyes, and show the reader, by subtle design, what is glaringly obvious by the end of the short work of near magic.

It is the sort of story that when it is read, it inspires nostalgia for one’s youth, for a time before one even existed, for what one should never ever long for. Simply brilliant.

I cannot comment under it, however, because it is not posted here, so consider this journal entry my comment.

Information for the inquisitive

Whilst looking for someplace new to network, I came across a site called Found Myself, and whilst attempting to contribute there, I was informed of another site that some people might find very useful.

These might be great ways to further your online selling, or simply to get your name out there for networking. So, please take a look, if you would like to sell your work as digital images, and, please pass it on!

LYPSE for selling digital images of artwork; not to be confused with selling digitally made artwork, though I suppose it could be both.

“FOUND MYSELF”: I think you can even link artwork from other art sites to this one. Not sure, yet!

What I have come to realize

.. having gone through all those pieces, to see if there were any that would be allowed to stay, if the 20 favorites or Else rumor is true, is that I am just absolutely wasting my time on Red Bubble.

I can’t even get people to LOOK at my artwork, much less to like it. Or, to read what I write to see if they like the way I do it.

Time to start saving pieces and moving them off the site, then. I mean, you guys have already lost one of the best writers ever, because very few people read his work; but, so many more read his than mine, and I know this is true, because he, generally, gets more comments than I get total views on every piece of his versus any piece of mine.

Strange, because it was my writing, displayed on Red Bubble, that got me my job. They thought I was brilliant. They w…