The circle of life......

I saw my coyote visitor again early this morning….. but this time he was running away with one of my ducks in his mouth. I know it’s the circle of life… the food chain… or whatever…. but let me tell you it was the worse thing I’ve seen since I bought this place. I honestly wish I hadn’t been standing at the sink… filling the coffee pot… at that particular moment. :o(


  • Dave7074
    Dave7074almost 6 years ago

    Lisa watch out now that he has found the ducks he will be back for more. Sorry for your lost. This guy is not a favorite animal of mine for sure. Dave

  • Lori Walton
    Lori Waltonalmost 6 years ago

    We have one here also Lisa. I will not leave my cat outside after dark at all. Sorry you had to see that but yes, it is the circle of the food chain.

  • CynLynn
    CynLynnalmost 6 years ago

    Oh Lisa, I am so sorry!! :( Like Dave said, he will be back for more…….. I have tears in my eyes!! big hugs!!!!

  • stevebuffington
    stevebuffingtonalmost 6 years ago

    Sorry to hear it. What is good for the coyote is not so good for the duck! Around these parts they are notorious for being one of the main reasons for missing cats and little dogs.

  • noffi
    noffialmost 6 years ago

    Lisa…One of them ran in front of our car today…I was driving and i did not sweve but he escaped easily. You are right about the food chain but it is sad neverheless and how can you keep the ducks away? With that sad question I leave you with the hope that the ducks will manage to stay safe. liz