Deception in four stages

He turned his ring tone to silent
And closed his eyes
Could this finally be the peace
He ordered?

The instructions had been a little unclear
The boxes too small
To be crossed
Or whatever it was you did with such boxes

It was on the plane coming over
That he discovered his little finger
Could be bent back at the first joint
He’d always envied those with double jointed appendages
And now felt oddly included
Part of the creative set whose fingers arched back

Its too soon
I haven’t finished my lines, my penance
My laps
And you, somehow you already seem way ahead of me

We’ve been deceived, there are no such things as aliens…

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  • butchart
    butchartover 4 years ago

    we try so hard… but that carrot is always one step ahead it seems…… big hugs to you my friend…… love your words (but i always do)……….b

  • Thanks Butch…maybe we could collaborate on something one day :)

    – Robert Knapman

  • lianne
    lianneover 4 years ago

    Why is it that we impose much heavier penances on ourselves than our sins might seem to merit? Find it easier (NOT easy mind you just easier) to forgive another than ourselves? Solace, belonging, even love is waiting for us to accept with an open heart and spirit and still we cling to our self-punishment as though there is some payoff in casting ourselves as the “unworthy, not good enough yet” person. That may not have been what you meant Robert but it’s what struck me immediately in that last stanza. Beautifully crafted!

  • Thanks always put such thought into your comments. I appreciate your kindness and insights.

    – Robert Knapman

  • Ash180470
    Ash180470over 4 years ago

    congratulations on being one of the double-jointed set. ax

  • Ha! I so always wanted to be…hehe

    – Robert Knapman

  • Rikki Woods
    Rikki Woodsover 4 years ago


  • Thanks Rikki

    – Robert Knapman

  • MarkezzAckui ...
    MarkezzAckui ...over 4 years ago

    I have read this over a few times…and this is brilliantly done….part of this is also incredibly terrifying…it does get one to think….a great deal infact. Something about this writing…everytime I read it….it becomes more clear…

  • Thanks buddy :)))) I did get your mail and will get to your writing hopefully this weekend. Its been quite busy and I’ve been a little distracted. Peace.

    – Robert Knapman

  • hsien-ku
    hsien-kuover 4 years ago

    why are we not included in the set of those we admire? surely there is much admirable about ourselves that only we see – but we are never enough for ourselves. perhaps it will help if I tell you, most sincerely, that someone who writes a poem such as this deserves to have at least one double-jointed finger . . .

  • Rhonda F.  Taylor
    Rhonda F. Taylorover 4 years ago

    oh darn now I have to envy you..I dont have a double
    This is an amazing piece of wrtiting and I so agree with MarkezzAckui..he said it all although Im still trying to find those boxes..there were boxes? No wonder I missed out…lol
    congrats on the feature..well deserved!!
    Rhonda : )

  • butchart
    butchartover 4 years ago

    hey robbie.. i’m all yours… anytime……. :)

  • Arcadia Tempest
    Arcadia Tempestover 4 years ago

    Double jointed is a good party trick but that is pretty much it me thinks….I have double jointed elbows and can bend my arms in a rather odd direction. Must say it really has not helped with carrying any of my shopping bags, or holding my son when I cuddle him or even having a shower…
    It seems to me that we are part of a bigger picture by simply being aware there is a picture to see in the first place.
    Congrats on your feature…well deserved indeed… :))

  • TripZ
    TripZover 4 years ago

    this poem touched me in more than i expected when I started reading it, I am not entire sure, perhaps there are lines in it that are so visual and remind me of something, especially the part on the plane and the discovery.. I’d rather live in my self deception.. really interesting work here

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