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Sweet Dark Scent word art Facebook page

Hi everyone

Yesterday I decided to create a new Facebook page for my word poetry and other writing called ‘Sweet Dark Scent’. I want to feel inspired to write, share my work and get it out there more and this is one way I thought I’d really enjoy. It also means I can share other (including RB) writers’ work with my FB network too.

Please have a look (its very new) and join if you’d like to. Here’s the link and here’s a description (within Facebook’s word limit).

Sweet Dark Scent is the word poetry of Robert Knapman. Created April 2013 this page highlights poetry from 2007 onwards after returning to Sydney and after many years in Adelaide, several in Germany and travelling in places of the heart, body and mind.

And here’s the description I would have added if I’d had a greater word limit.

Sweet Dark Scent is the word poetry and other writing of Robert Knapman.

Sydney can be a beautiful, inspiring but pot-holed place. It was definitely an adventure to grow up in. After leaving Sydney however in my late 20’s, and after many amazing years in Adelaide, several years in Germany and travelling in remote and not so remote places of the heart, mind and body, I returned here to study in 2007.

This return and disciplined endeavour also meant an unexpected uncorking of my dormant writing Jeanie (among other things) and leaping on the naive, unpredictable and gangling back of a new creative adventure.

Begun in April 2013 this page highlights my poetry work and other writing largely from 2007 onwards. The words are not a product of writing school or of literary training. Using my lived and imagined experiences these words simply cover memories, dreams, fears, relationships, passions, demons, angels and a host of other lesser beasts. They can be raw and dirty or dust mite light. They are sometimes thought through like an adoption agency’s parent day, or grainy, opportunistic and hungry like an addict’s next deal.

This page is a work in progress. If you recognise yourself here then we may be on similar journeys, or have been. If you recognise me here then the same may be true…hi. If this pages’s words surprise or distress you, I don’t apologise in advance. If they stir, sting or strengthen you then I’d really love to know.

Thanks for reading.

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