Poets are portal projectors
Presenting with you a gateway unconditionally
For you to walk through
As a function of the wordsmiths nature

Barriers of waking influences/experience/expression
I would have to destroy all I know to create a new voice
Not until one has inhabited a view not of this world
While on the same plane
Able to share it physically betwixt

If words are not animate then they are fantasy
Ponderings of a wistful imagination
only if what one visualizes could ever co-exist in this realm

How to transcend what one is taught
Without prophesizing or denouncing alls beliefs
But walk toward the call of the spirit
To be just a host for the voice
Without taking any credit
Sly covert convert
Renaissance ambush awakening
Now the re-tuning of language tongue rhythmic
Hymnal phonetic
An effortless aphrodisiac
A selfless summon
A submission without a fight or a debate
Need not convince
A sanctified entity
Of from whom they root from

Every exhale is praise
The procession of day not night
flower and decompose flower and decompose
Year to year
The cycle of all animated by thy
And the out of sight out of channel
Celestial omni-divisions
Boundless dream
Pulsating gravity expansion
Glittering chariots dashing from zenith to zenith
rays of praise
Notes resonation
Sonar homing
To where frontiers intersect
Alignment seamless
Open the door into
I am not asking/requesting you
You’ve had an invitation since birth

Can the speaker’s transmission ever be valid during this phase?
And can any homo sapien send a nirvana shockwave through the collective

I have a god/source
But what I hypothesize
That has probably been said before
No matter how much I run my mouth
I am unsure of all I have read or been told
And am unsure of my own words
A poet needn’t be followed
Only provoke thought
Like the instruments croon makes bodies move

Devil is a shapeshifter
God is a shapeshifter
Manifesting into alternate forms
Taking on a persona and consciousness
Giving you the illusion of not being here/there
Always witnessing itself/one-self
The creator of the son and the holy ghost
The one in all possesses infinite knowledge
I am sure of

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  • mychaelalchemy
    mychaelalchemyover 5 years ago

    “Demon est Deus Inversus”…or, we are but the consciousness/unconscious collective of the true and unknown God…I take the Gnostic view that the Old Testament God is quite contrary…
    it is said, our thoughts can be made manifest, in ideas and invention and such, but also able to create thought-forms, or entities….our own result of the Logos, I suppose?
    interesting and esoteric writing here….

  • Blueriddle8
    Blueriddle8over 5 years ago

    “I would have to destroy all I know to create a new voice” and
    “How to transcend what one is taught
    Without prophesizing or denouncing alls beliefs”
    -interesting thought, destroying what you know in order to transcend, yet still holding onto important moral beliefs, a definite human struggle.
    “To be just a host for the voice
    Without taking any credit”
    I like this, I feel that immediatley if you take credit for ideas that flow through you, you’ve totally deluded yourself-it is just your own ego reflection-and it doesn’t lead anywhere except towards illusion..

  • devotee1
    devotee1over 5 years ago

    Again, terrific writing! My idea is, we do not destroy but transform the old. No negative act ever justifies a good. We were not created to destroy anything; even evil is to be transformed. It is all surrender of the personal, lesser ego, but far easier to conquer the world than that which we have created ourselves.

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