Music for no one at all You hold tightly to this, / the grip is comfort / when it’s all getting loose. / Warmth is a soothing elixir / seeping through the f… Wiser to Heal Pain’s paint is brightest when fresh and wet / It subsides as it dries, and fades with age / Healing just happens / we move on to forget Breakthrough Jaded A faded apparition where the genuine glee was lost / We never ask the cost / When spending through an emotion now spent I’m Always Fine Resiliency is key / Smiling back with bloody teeth / Confront to release / know / these blows life’s thrown / Won’t topple me The Haunt of Wanting An apparition once sited went into hiding / Where our fingertips laced / misted, lifted without a trace / I still see her face / sometimes…… So the Song Goes… Yet my heart feels left with ache from those wants / Haunts? She does and they do. Always true / Only if roses were red and violets were b… There’s No Time Like Now There’s no time like now / To walk past what’s passed / and leave tomorrow to chance / Dwelling is the space a mind / makes it’s noise in … Irony is no blessing / Coincidence is sometimes / Like believing in the the tooth fairy / I’m certain there must be a place / Between… Handful of Sand Never mine / those fleeting grains of sand / sit tight for another man / and seep slow from me / woefully Serious and Jokes it grips tight sometimes / crush feels like a wave crashing / the placating smile breakwall cracks / drips become leaks and pour past / and… Full Moon in Maryland Cheers to you / Hearing me howl at the moon / and knowing your devilish grin / soothes the tune / Two spirits burning brightly too / mine f… Killing the Bad Me Wick burns down and bottle dries up / this and every time I shun love / and cry a drought river bed / to all affections choked to death / A… Idle Minds Venting Five steps forward, / and the sun is shining on the right side of my face / bracing me with warmth / that becomes unsettling like an awkwar… Masquerade Your mask is mascara black / with hair to match / down to pierced supple lip / and dragonfly tats. Wisdom Welts Seeing through your veil / piecing me to the / void of your censored sections Choose Your Heroes Wisely Choose your heroes wisely, / if their words hint of inspiration / fate’s hand tilts toward assassination / and you and I will have b… Love Palate Sweetly, with lips light grazed / gently parting to search and know / a place where my stone walls / and your thorned vines / retreat for n… Derailed Farewell A full moon shone down / watching it’s crazed children howling like they do / watching one stray further and within a cloak of madn… Personal Jabs IV I came as an unaffected statue / Halloween depiction depicting everything / vaguely-leaving margins for misinterpretations / like hieroglyp… Fleeting, Brief, and Gone In each and every other sky / stars shine ever more bright / to the lone, dimly lit side NYE CHEER-my style Feels like the grains are rising… / forgoing gravity / the hourglass contortion that funneled us this far / … Connection Error Romance is semantics left back / where die-hards die / and neophytes toss their heads and laugh Personal Jabs III A shameless way of surviving first / and leaving no clue as to what next Wednesday brings / or how much Yesterday meant Wanting the Haveless It’s such a tragic madness, / …wanting the Haveless / We seek out ache adamant / that love should feel reprimanded. This Affection has a Pricetag So confounding… / the form takes after poured from / desperate bottle / and into manipulative mold Opposites Subtract Are the lonely souls tripped up / in sad bastard heart strings / doomed to only love the unaffected? Fall and Rise where she is seen through waters distorted veneer / waving at this demise / her goodbye hand shrinks smaller / as I sink farther / then g… Mine in Mind I can smell you / permeating perfume from written pages / makes lilacs envy your craved fragrance A Round 12 pep talk for Humanity Oh please humanity / sing to me / when all I hear is your screeching / devoid of melody / …a fledgling band / playing to pace of am… What the Heart Wants I see you clear in dreams so real / your skin so soft / my fingers feel / and nose snares waft of pear blossom scent / past lusting sweat … Personal Jabs II Knowing this shaky footfall / is knowing me in complexity / Where distant meets needy / and I rebel in between / far from complete / needin… Lessons on Aged Paper So I pour through / the words I wrote long ago / and find that I can learn / so much from what I didn’’t / know then / an… Personal Jabs This is the model for a sunny side up misanthrope: / too emapthetic to be apathetic / but mostly just too numb to care Isoalted Isle Damn this isle of mine / Mind gone aimless wander / condemned goner / seeing life that flashed reckless past / and gone…tone de… Crumbled Locust Life Winter envies this cold spite’s / all encompassing frost / crystalized into / beautifully unique flakes of hate My Shadow’s Shadow My shadow has a shadow / the outline not like mine / succumbing to it’s credence / delivered like silver tongue / political spinster… Then and Now …like snapshots / of other people’s fond reminisce / while I’m left with this / where the scene disappears / into appari… Jack, Johnny, & Me So today I hid from shadows and the sunshine / not letting one loom behind me / or the other sting my eyes An Onion for breakfast Recall the humble beginnings… / in dilapadated rental shacks / Mom’s cigarette dangled lazy / as the drifting blue gray smoke /… Gold Records went Gilded Platinum When the luster of Run, Flash, / B boys and Graf fell back / to novelty / and scenesters scurried / until a Compton remedy / brought b… This Long Goodbye a Sudden hello Life / Passes / And reconnects intersecting paths now / Where only distance grew / in tall grass cattails / crowding pond’s rippled surfa… Empty Bottles, Nights, & Days Her black wings matched my mood / To the tune I rescinded my solitude / Inviting to share my witches brew / wrecking the feng shui of my h… Devotion to a Lady Unknown A love I’ve never known / Unconditional affection and understanding / A translator reading this heart’s hieroglyph / Teachi… Lift the Veil If patriotism is cheering on blind / while our country attempts to “free” mankind / then you can call me commie pinko common tr… Heart Song on a Milkcarton You create me, and I construct you / Piece me in missing places / mending voids delicate and knowing. / I slay inherited growths of … I Lust You We glow pleasured now / a tangle of limbs, and sheets / tousled tresses, and interlaced fingers / all mingled like harmony Full Circle Coldly you smoldered me / openly, open me and peer inside / Apathetic to what you find and left here now to die Derailed Train of Thought I stand, a locomotive, raging off the track / teetering engine building steam / throwing all your notions back Surreality TV: a Pop Culture Diss I saw Miss Hilton’s soul walk out of her lithe body / It looked like a cellophane bag filled with pink cotton candy Longing for May Now lonely lovers recoil, licking wounds / pacing rooms, / cursing full moons / we gazed on naked / in early june Muted Blue I wan’t to know the words she’s trapped in blue / fluttering chests locked tightly when nervous / posture tells of something mo… Beyond the Shine Spying her demise from the inside / attacking the fortification with intellect / bypassing the fornication until our threads are woven / li… Lie, Truth, & Reality This heart is porous Swiss, like wine-tasting afterthoughts / …that truth is a hulking shadow looming disproportionate / engulfi… There and then Never at all I hate this illusion… / suffocating likeness to perfection / heaves its sultry invite to my doorstep Hungry ….a taste of wine / for the deprived and ignorant. / blissfully swirling this singular sip allotted / …mindful not to spit, but… Discarded every bit as bitter as I seem / the tension teems and splits the seams / I explode through trusses and splintered beams / as bright white a… Lewd Crude A gull’s squak gurgled crude / chirping 89 octane birdsongs / forever grounded by fossil fuel fettered feathers / sharp eyes, glazed … Anything but Nothing Fear is passion disapating into lonely corners / accepting it’s quiet demise / Never realizing sea breeze or sunrise / alive and neve… Loving and loathing Moving past the altitude / of fickle courting, began the rouse / singing blandly rehearsed tunes / to retreating corners licking wounds