Art was always the engine of its actions but it is the passion which will gain its favours most of the time. Creation is essential for him as years a mean of expression, making it possible to express its emotions differently. After a few years as desert and mountain guide, ARIAZ decides to stop partially its passion in order to leave more place to creation. Although the majority of its works are abstracted, this artist does not have style prevailing and carries out especially what it feels or want to make feel. The cybernaut also works like Web master and can create you Internet sites or guide you for your cybernetics achievements. “To create illustrations is for me a means of escape, of expression and of sharing emotions, I like that my images are seen, admired, criticized. For me art must be moving, effervescence and constantly call into question the established rules.
The abstract art is classified separately a little because it has, I think, the privilege to make it possible to capture an emotion has a given moment (with the manner of a photograph) and often keeps mysterious dimension”

  • Joined: March 2009