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not all wounds are visible by ARIANA1985

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I thought the war would never end. And perhaps it never did

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma.
Today i will write on a different note – why i have done this picture ? my husband is an army veteran, and like many of them suffers from PTSD – it is a everyday struggle for him and a family ( me) – war experience can trigger flashbacks , nightmares and anxiety .
The idea behind this photo was one visit to a doctor ( family one ) and as he doesn’t know how to handle , or help for that matter –he said ,, PTSD is only in your head’’- and that made us really angry , now times changed – people are
more aware that the people return from combat suffers from PTSD .
Not only soldiers suffer from it , also civilians – people like you and me – who went thru a trauma .
So doing this pictures i would love to raise an awareness – that not all wounds are visible…

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  • bouncy
    bouncyover 3 years ago

    I am really impressed by this photo, because it is so true, and I am also impressed that your hubby let you put those things on his head! LOL I can imagine how angry the doctor’s words made you. What a jerk. I suffer from this horrible illness, and let your husband know he is never alone. Thanks for speaking out in this visual way to let the uninformed or misinformed know more. Thank YOU!

  • Sara- thank you for your kind comment, it took months to get my husband to make this photo. As PTSD issue is a quite embarrassing for him ( just in case people will ‘’laugh at him’’ ) ,Im really honoured by the fact you like this shot.
    Well my doctor will never change- but now he has learned to keep his mouth shut ;))

    – ARIANA1985

  • bouncy
    bouncyover 3 years ago

    You are so welcome, Ariana! : )

  • :)

    – ARIANA1985

  • Loree McComb
    Loree McCombover 3 years ago

    Indeed it is real – I have it but not from the horrors of war. Hang in there & just love your husband…we are behind you.

  • Thank you so much for your kind comment . x

    – ARIANA1985

  • artsmitten-digi
    artsmitten-digiover 3 years ago

    yeh its real and sadly true ..well done !!!! can feel depth of it .. as am in the same boat :) , luv to u nd ur hubb xox

  • hello , so your husband suffers from PTSD? so i dont have to tell you how hard it is , as you already know x :) Thank you so much for a kind comment ,and for taking your time to visit my profile :)

    – ARIANA1985

  • eleni dreamel
    eleni dreamelover 3 years ago

    this is great!

  • Thank you Eleni :)

    – ARIANA1985

  • Tracy Faught
    Tracy Faughtover 3 years ago

    Outstanding! I have seen the effects of this on the soliders…it does exist. Good for you to put this out there!!
    My friends have returned from tours and it is just so evident the effect it has had on them… also, after having been to a military funeral, it’s evident the effect losing someone has has had on everyone that was there that day, and years later.

  • Thacy , thank you for such a kind comment ,This is such a difficult subject to talk about , but people need to have awareness for the soldiers and they families sake x

    – ARIANA1985

  • wildwomenlove
    wildwomenloveover 3 years ago

    I love this story and this image…so true…our society will only notice what it can see, like a broken leg…anything else broken is not acknowledged…it has always amazed me how we send our young men to war, to witness great atrocities up close and personal, and then expect them to integrate back into societies menial tasks, like nothing happened…war is hell on earth, and anyone who belittles that journey is not only lacking in sensitivity, compassion and empathy, but intelligence as well…
    I love this image cos it speaks to me of scrabbled emotions…which PTSD is, amongst so many other things…I too have experienced trauma in my life, and all that that entails, as it changes us at a DNA level…it is certainly not all in our head…good on you…may you and your family find peace…xxx

  • wildwomenlove – Thank you for your so true comment, as you have pointed out what you cant see ( broken leg) is hard to understand , as you don’t know how to react . For army you are only a number – after you leave army they have nothing to do with you . Thankfully they are organizations who provide help and support .
    People like you who went through trauma understand how the others feel .It is so true – this does change us , and we will never be the same . I wish you peace xxxx huge hugs xx

    – ARIANA1985

  • Teacup
    Teacupover 3 years ago

    This work brings the message to the fore… sadly so many view that anything they can’t physically see doesn’t really exist… many view what is on the outside, what you have in your life and judge on that – “how can you feel blah, blah, blah!!” have had that throughout my years of depression from those that have no knowledge or willingness to understand… this is a powerful image and I applaud you for sharing this with us… thank you and I truely wish you, your husband and loved ones all the very best and hope that you do receive the support and knowledgement that you so deserve…x

  • Teacup , thank you … depression is as Bad as PTSD- it eats you … and not many people understand this , my husband also suffers from depression, when we meet someone we put on a brave face and stick on a smile , so everything is ok- people don’t want to be confront with trouble, with bad things – and this kind of human beings will never understand . i wish you all the best x

    – ARIANA1985

  • greeneyedlady
    greeneyedladyover 3 years ago

    trauma severe enough to cause PTSD is bad enough, but to then have a professional such as your doctor belittle it is the height of insensitivity on his part….the fact that your husband finally consented to the photo speaks volumes to me about his courage and his commitment to heal…good luck and i hope he finds that peace and healing one day soon….

  • Greeneyelady , it took me months to make this picture , we have agreed he will not show his face :) . That is why my husband don’t have much trust in medical personnel. he usualy send me in first so i can warn them about making comments like this ;)-thank you so much for your visit x

    – ARIANA1985

  • rubyjo
    rubyjoover 3 years ago

    this is a fantastic way to raise awareness. it grabs attention and pulls us in. and the message is simple yet affective. love it.

  • rubyjo – thank you so much , im glad that this shot creates so much interest :) thank you for your visit – have a great weekend xx

    – ARIANA1985

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