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New Year, New Stuff - January Edition

Hey friends, followers, and all ye other people. I’m hosting a contest/giveaway on my Tumblr every month throughout 2014. If you want in, head over to my Tumblr blog (archymedius.tumblr.com) for details. You know what, just click here. Free stuff for the win!

I want to make your apartment look awesome

I am not in the art making business to make money, I’m all about just creating stuff that speaks about the things I like, and possibly speaks to other people. I think it’s great that people can put my stuff up on their walls and show off the things that they are interested using something I’ve created. It makes me feel awesome to hear people comment about how happy they are to have these creations in their homes.

Thank you everyone.


If any of you have actually been paying attention to my recent sketches you might have noticed they focus on hands a lot. I’ve come to realize that this is probably because of how I see the human hand. As an individual, we see our hands and arms more than any other part of a body. Hell, we can’t even see our own faces without assistance, but our hands are always there.

When we’re kids we ask to “see” things, which means that we need to touch it and hold it.

For playing video games we use our hands as a method of interaction and feedback with the digital worlds we see with our eyes.

Look at most musical instruments. They require some use of your hands right? Drums, guitar, piano, trumpet, saxophone, and many others.

In creating things, from Lego structures to artwork, a lot of people use t…

One day

I swear one day I will do something that has nothing to do with Nintendo. Between the Zelda and Pokémon tributes, you might think I’m hardcore Nintendo, but that’s not really the case. I love Sony and Microsoft as well, it’s just that they aren’t retro enough right now for me to find a way to make a decent tribute for any of their series. But fear not, projects are on the horizon that aren’t solely Nintendo, and in have nothing to do with gaming.

We have a winner!

Thanks for all the entrants to the contest, here, on Twitter, and Tumblr. Look forward to more contests in the future. The next will probably be in the beginning of March or so.

Now for the important stuff...the giveaway

So, I want to give away one of my prints from The Legends series. The details are not entirely set in stone yet but I figure the best way is to give away a RedBubble gift certificate worth the amount of a print or so (this way you don’t have to send me your address or anything). Let’s say $50, which is the price of 4 12” x 17” photographic prints, or 1 8” x 11.4” mounted print, or some other combination. The choice is yours.

Anyway, to earn a right to get this FREE gift certificate all you have to do is reply to this post (or tweet @Archymedius) with your favorite Zelda game in the franchise.

The winner will be randomly chosen on Monday at noon (eastern). They’ll then have a pick of whatever they desire for the amount of $50. Sound good?

And here…we…go.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait