She's emotional at the moment....have you noticed?

The world’s gone emotional flooding her britches
A watery teary scary out pour all over the place
Her blue dress is warming up some say
Others quote different statistics and say nay
Whatever we debate her distress is clear
Our blue opal gal she’s not well
Should we stop industrial smog?
Close up shop and dismantle the cogs
No easy answer is coming to mind
It will though I figure take a consensus of all
An agreement that her demeanor is not the best
I drive a car and turn on heat and cooling like all the rest
Yes I am part of the global solution
Can you appreciate that our participation is crucial?
Tonight I’ll make sure that no standby lights are left on
Check with my car pool mum which days I’m to do this year
I’m just your average Joan Brown nothing special bout me
Though I hope our world won’t suffer cos we’re too lazy
The world’s gone and had a major all out of sorts upset
She’s speaking in the only language she can
Are we going to listen to her and make a stand?
This write isn’t about poetical pretty prose
It’s about being more aware of the one place we have to live
I have a hunch she’s getting sick of all our garbage
Imagine someone putting all their crap in your backyard
The stench alone would certainly make you sick
Ms Gaia’s needs us now so please heed this get started kick

© K S Hardy 2011

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She's emotional at the moment....have you noticed? by 

Can little things add up and become a solution?
Used to be really good at maths…..
This is in one country there are other places like Brazil as well.


arcadia tempest, global warming, floods, earth, rubbish, smog, blue opal, participation, solutions

Feelings and words fall on to the page
Sometimes they bite back
Sometimes they tug on our sleeve
Sometimes they have a cheeky grin
They stay once a page has found them
Words are faithful to us even in the dark

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  • uncleblack
    uncleblackover 3 years ago

    great work karensue…its a small world, getting smaller by the day..

  • Yeh….. there is something just so not right, I feel it in my gut.
    Could be an over-reaction but I just reckon it is too risky to chance it..
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting xx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Teacup
    Teacupover 3 years ago

    She’s one distressed “blue gal” for sure… we all have to do our bit or we will all be overwhelmed… well penned dear friend…x

  • Hellloooooooo tis a joyful day when Ms Teacup dances my way ;))
    I am not the best at this recycle and conservation stuff…but I am going to try a little harder xxx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 3 years ago

    She certainly does appear to be a little restless!

  • Yeh….she needs maybe some kind of antibiotic or a holiday definitely not a diuretic me thinks…xx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • SimplyRed
    SimplyRedover 3 years ago

    great evocative write KS …she sure is suffering our dear mother earth and we will not wake up until it’s “TOO LATE SHE CRIED” glad you put this out there xxx

  • Thanks Christine you so obviously get this…xx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • SimplyRed
    SimplyRedover 3 years ago

    I sure do and it saddens me to the very core I just wish we as a world would work together there is enough world for all of us and yet we f#*k it all up !!!instead same old story we dont know what we got til we lose it ..xxxx

  • Well there are some mighty fine people out there with intellect and sincere desires to make a difference…
    We just I figure got to do our little bit and educate where we can.
    I met this family that never keep leftovers cos that would be inferior,everything has to be new every few years, new cars, new linen, new in fashion home beautiful stuff and they have not for one nano second me thinks thought about their carbon footprint.
    I wonder how many other people are like them…they really scare me..

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • Rocky Loder
    Rocky Loderover 3 years ago

    great write,,,awesome…

  • Many thanks Rocky
    Hope your world is dry and warm…xx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • AnniG
    AnniGover 3 years ago

    I reckon the once shimmering blue skirt has turned mucky and she’s fed up with being treated like a prostitute – used and abused for our pleasure and comfort. She is crying for help…help of any kind, she is crying in anger, frustration…I think the human race is racing towards its own destruction… I wrote a piece about this some time ago, never could understand how humankind could be so cruel, care so little about this planet, this place thatsustains us…makes no sense to me at all.
    Our blue opal gal is not well”…not well, at all! An wonderful, eye-opening write. Thank you for reminding us afresh of Mother Earth’s distress!

  • Hi Anni
    I guess it is forming new habits, thinking, understandings..
    Carbon footprint was unknown not that long ago but now it is a more common term so there is a way forward with keeping our Blue Opal gal considered me thinks…xxx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • lisameryl
    lisamerylover 3 years ago

    Bravo…thank you for composing such a thought provoking, important and powerful write! It’s tragic indeed! Mother Earth can only replenish itself for so long! For she needs help, compassion and love! Peace and love be with you always…Lisa =) XO

  • Hi Lisa
    Many thanks for reading this impromptu write of mine…
    Felt so impotent to do something and then I thought it is all the little things that we can do…surely…hopefully…xx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • S .
    S .over 3 years ago

    ohh i feel ya, seems like her tears are overflowing in pakistan, aus, brazil and i m sure other places in the world… a beautiful heartfelt piece of writing ksue.. all the best to you and your fam

  • Hi Shoaib
    so lovely to see you around the place again :O)
    I had no intentions of doing this kind of write but felt compelled after seeing more news of floods in the world….
    Thank you for reading not a particularly well written piece of poetical prose but the heart of it beats with sincerity me thinks…xx

    – Arcadia Tempest

  • charanjitsingh chandhok
    charanjitsingh...over 3 years ago

    A resounding , powerful and touching write …an eye opener to humanity !
    Likes of you who love MotherNature* only ..can appreciate her* countless beauties and her* blessings to the feeling living beings , so too to all else ! We have been abusing her* in name of being so called modern and comfortable !

    We have harmed her so much so that can not be counted in words or numbers ..there are unseen and happenings not notable to the common kind intellectuals . We have a simple talking machine called mobile phone , yeah harmless it seems . Ever since …all the little birds in all the cities have vanished . In my country a grey bird , called Chidiya in a fond way , in fact the that was so common every where that small children ..she was practically definition of BIRD* . Today I do not see that little Bird* anywhere …and I travel a lot .

  • Oh…. this little grey bird has vanished… I am indeed saddened by your observations Charan :(
    The ying and yang of technology could have much more far reaching consequences…. hope it is retrievalable..

    – Arcadia Tempest

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